Application case of planetary ball mill NXQM-6L
(1)Application field: pigment; 
(2)Material/raw material: cinnabar; 
(3)Feed particle size: 100um;
(4)Feed quantity: 2000g; 
(5)Customer requirements: 20um; 
(6)Post order analysis: customer post order application test
                              (1) Equipment (instrument) selection: planetary ball mill NXQM-6L;
                              (2) Tank and ball configuration: nylon tank with zirconia ball;
                              (3) Operating parameters: autorotation 500 rpm, positive and reverse operation alternately after 30 minutes;
                              (4) Grinding time: 2 hours;
                              (5) Grinding result: 100% < 20 μ m ;
                              (6) Result (suggestion): The planet grinder XQM-6 can be used to grind cinnabar
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