ion column chromatography
ion column chromatography

IC-2800 Ion Chromatography

Ion Chromatography adopts a full PEEK constructed dual-piston pump and flow system, self-regenerating electrochemical suppressor and automated eluent generator.
Detection Range
Dynamic Range
Baseline Noise
Product Details
Ion Chromatography adopts a full PEEK constructed dual-piston pump and flow system, self-regenerating electrochemical suppressor and automated eluent generator. Under the control of the powerful “Ace” software, the IC-2800 features ease of use, fast start up and reliable and stable performance. 
The electrochemical suppressor is specifically designed to be continuously self-regenerating. Since the eluent has high background conductivity, chemical inhibition must be done so that signals from analytes can be detected.
The inhibition of background conductivity is achieved through the reaction of CO32- and HCO3- in the eluent with H+ produced by electrolysis to generate H2CO3 of low conductivity during anion analysis and the reaction of H+ in the eluent with OH- produced by electrolysis to generate H2O.
H+ or OH- ions are produced by electrolysis without addition of extra eluent to realize automatic regeneration of ion exchange membrane.
Self-regenerative electrochemical suppressors for anions and cations are provided with the features of large inhibition capacity, low background conductivity (ppb level), low dead volume, rapid equilibrium, good repeatability, simple operation, easy maintenance etc.
Full PEEK double plungers and low pulsation infusion pump with wide range of flow rates, stable operation and low maintenance costs.
All instrument parameters are controlled through software and are displayed in the interface. The Ace chromatography software is powerful and easy to understand.
The instrument can also be operated through the front panel. The real-time status of each component can be monitored during the entire analysis process.
Detectable Ions Anions: F-, Cl-, NO2-, Br-, BrO3-, NO3-, HPO42-, SO32-, S2O32-, SO42-, HCOO-, acetic acid, oxalic acid, outgrowth of sterilized tap-water
Cations: Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+
Detection Range ppb~ppm
Dynamic Range 103
Linear Related Coefficient 0.9998(for Cl- and Li+)
Baseline Noise ≤0.5%FS
Baseline Drifting ±1.5% FS/30min 
Fluid Pump
Type Parallel dual piston pump, pulse and motion controlled by microprocessor, speed adjustable.
Construction Chemically inert, Non-metallic PEEK materials for the pump head and flow system
pH 0-14
Control By Ace software or front panel
Operating Pressure Max 35 MPa (5000 psi)
Flow Rate Range 0.001~15.00 mL/min, 0.001 increments
Flow Precision ≤0.1% RSD
Flow Accuracy ±0.2%
Piston Valve Cleaning Double piston continuous cleaning
Over Pressure Protection Upper limit 0-35 MPa, with 1 unit incremental,
lower limit: 1 unit lower than upper limit.
Pump stops working if upper limit is reached
Online degassing (optional) 2-channels, automatic online
Temperature Controlled Conductivity Detector
Type Microprocessor controlled, digital signal
Cell Frequency 10 kHz
Range of detection 0-15000 µS
Resolution 0.0275 nS/cm
Cell Temperature Range Room temperature ~ 60℃, User adjustable
Temperature Stability ≤0.005℃
Cell Construction PEEK
Cell Volume < 1 µL
Column Oven
Temperature Range Room temperature + 5 ~ 60℃
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature Stability ≤0.1℃
Suppression Type Automated self-regeneration recirculation
Suppression Capacity Anion 100 mmol/L NaOH
Cation 100 mmol/L MSA
Dead Volume < 50μL
Equilibrium time <15 min
Anion Suppressor Current 0-200 mA,in 1 mA increments
Cation Suppressor Current 0-300 mA,in 1 mA increments
Eluent Generator
Eluent Concentration range 0.1-50 mmol/L
Eluent Type OH-, CO32-/HCO3-, MSA
Concentration Increment 0.1 mmol/L
Flow Rate Range 0.5-3.0 mL/min
Operating Temperature Room temperature - 40℃
Operating Humidity 5% - 85% relative humidity, no-condensation
Dimensions(length × width × height) 586mm×300mm×171mm
Weight 5 kg
Sample Positions 120 samples (1.8mL vials)
Repeatability <0.3 RSD
Residue/Cross Contamination CV<0.01%
Sample Volume 0.1µL-100 µL
Injection Probe Cleaning Repetitive cleaning, no time limit
Dimensions(length × width × height) 505mm×300mm×230mm
Power 220±10V, 50/60Hz
Other Specifications
Power 220±10 V, 50/60 Hz
Environment Temperature 5℃-40℃
Environment Humidity 5%-85% relative humidity, no-condensation
Communication Interface RS485 (USB Optional)
Dimensions (length × width ×height) 586mm×300mm×350mm
Weight 34 kg
Power 150 W
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