gas chromatography ms
gas chromatography ms

Gas Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer(Quadrupole)

GC MS 3200 makes it suitable for applications in various fields including food safety, environmental safety, chemicals, among others.
RT + 10℃-400℃
Column oven temperature
Temperature stability
1.5 - 1024.0 amu
Mass range
Product Details
GC MS-3200
1.Detection of Melamine in Milk
2.Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in Drinking Water or Surface Water
3.Detection of Plasticizer in Liquors
4.Trace PAHs Detection
5.Detection of Organochlorine Pesticide
6.Rapid Semi-quantitative Analysis of Hydrocarbons
7.Qualitative Analysis of Unknown Samples Using Direct Injection Probe
New Chemical Ionization (CI) source expands range of applications
The newly designed ion optics system optimizes ion yields and transmission characteristics, effectively improving the sensitivity and resolution, while reducing neutral particle noise.
Improved quadrupole circuit control system achieves equal peak width identification within the full mass range and optimizes conduction rates.
High-Performance, High- Spec Vacuum Systemt.
Gas Chromatograph and Sample Introduction Unit
Powerful Software System
Flexibility and Expandability
Model: GC-MS 3200
Working Conditions
Power 220 V, 50 Hz
Temperature 15℃-35℃
Humidity 25%-80% RH
Gas Chromatograph
Column oven temperature Room temperature + 10℃-400℃
Temperature stability ≤±0.03℃
Maximum heating rate 40℃/min
Maximum run time 999.99 min
10-segment programmable temperature control
Split/splitless inlet (3rd generation EPC)
Maximum temperature: 400℃
Electronic controlled pressure, flow rate and split ratio
Pressure range: 0-999 kPa
Flow range: 0-200 mL/min
Autosampler (optional)
Mass Spectrometer
Main Specifications
Mass range 1.5 - 1024.0 amu
Mass stability Better than 0.1 amu/48 h
Resolution Unit mass
Sensitivity DB-5MS 30m*0.25mm*0.25um fused silica capillary column or similar column.
EI source, full scan: (range 100-300 amu).
1 pg OFN  S/N≥100:1
Maximum scan rate 10,000 amu/s
Dynamic range 105
Ion source Electron impact ionization source (EI), standard.
Chemical ionization source (CI), optional.
Dual filaments Programmable switch
Maximum filament current 3 A
Emission current 10 – 350μA adjustable
Ionization energy 5 – 150eV adjustable
Ion source temperature 150 – 320℃ adjustable, individually controlled
Mass analyzer Quadrupole.
Full scan, selected ion monitoring (SIM) and acquisition.
At most 128 groups in SIM mode.
At most 128 ions in each group.
Detector electron multiplier + high-energy dynode back focusing assembly
GC-MS interface
Individually controlled through transmission cable, 150 – 320℃ adjustable
Vacuum system
Turbo molecular pump (250 L/s), mechanical pump (180 L/min)
Wide range compound cold cathode gauge
Data processing system
Hardware Computer (optional)
Printer Laser printer (optional)
Software MS3200RT Real-time data acquisition application and MS3200P data processing application
Optional Accessories
DIP 100 liquid/solid direct injection probe assembly
Thermal desorption device
Dynamic headspace sampler
Purge-and-trap sample concentrator
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Maximum running time: 600 minutes
Program heating: 9 steps
Gas Chromatograph
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