Gas Chromatograph
Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

Gas chromatograph has become an ideal analytical instrument for separation or analysis in various fields.
Maximum heating rate
600 minutes
Maximum running time
9 steps
Program heating
Product Details
Gas chromatograph is one of widely used analytical instruments. It has become an ideal analytical instrument for separation or analysis in various fields, such as petrochemical industry, environmental protection, food safety, medicine and health, national defense and legal inspection, and ultrapure materials.

The injector and detection system of gc128 gas chromatograph adopts electronic flow / electronic pressure control system (EFC / EPC), logarithmic amplifier and automatic injector installation positioning interface, which can match various specifications of auto sampler.
Standard PC reverse control software, built-in chromatographic workstation, achieve PC side reverse control and  touch screen synchronous bidirectional control.
7-inch color touch screen, and the sampler and testing system USES electronic flow/electronic pressure control system (EFC/EPC).
Gas shortage alarm protection function; Heating control protection function (when opening the door of the column box, the motor of the column box fan and the heating system will shut down automatically).
Split flow/split ratio can be automatically controlled to save carrier gas.
Configure automatic sampler installation and positioning interface to match automatic sampler of various specifications.
Humanized one-button startup function, multi-core 32-bit embedded hardware system, to ensure the reliable operation of the instrument.
Using logarithmic amplifier, detection signal no cut-off value, good peak shape, extensible synchronous external trigger function, can be started by external signals (automatic sampler, thermal analyzer, etc.) at the same time the host and workstation.
It has perfect system self-check function and fault automatic identification function.
With 8 external event extension function interface, can be selected with various function control valves, and according to their own set time sequence work.
Equipped with RS232 communication port and LAM network port, 20 groups of sample test mode memory call function.
Model GC128
Column Temperature Box
Internal size 280mm×31mm×160mm
Operating temperature above room temperature 4℃ ~ 420℃
Resolution of temperature setting value ±0.1℃
Maximum heating rate 60℃
Maximum running time 600 minutes
Program heating  9 steps
Column temperature change of 1℃ per change of room temperature < 0.01℃
Two-channel column loss compensation
Heating Area
Independent heating area excluding column box 6 (2 injection ports, 2 tests)2 auxiliary heating areas
Maximum temperature of auxiliary heating area 400℃
Maximum use temperature 400℃
Pressure setting range  0 ~ 700kPa
Total flow setting range 0 ~ 200mL/min
Adapters consist of 3 and 4 packed columns
Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
Detection limit ≤ 3×10-12 g /s (n-hexadecane)
Dynamic range 105
RSD 3% or less
Temperature setting Max. 420℃
Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
Sensitivity 5000mV?mL/mg (n-cetane
Baseline noise ≤ 0.05 mV
Baseline drift ≤ 0.15mV / 30min
Dynamic range 105
RSD 3% or less
Electronic Capture detector (ECD)
Radiation source Ni63
Detection limit ≤ 8×10-14 g/mL (R666)
Minimum detection quantity  80FG/s
Dynamic range 103
Temperature control range 7℃ ~ 420℃ at room temperature
Flame photometric detector (FPD)
Temperature setting Maximum 350℃
Detection limit ≤2×10-12 g/s (P) 
≤4×10-11 g/s (s) sample: methyl parathion
Dynamic range P 103
Dynamic range S 102
Shunt/Unshunt (S/SL) Capillary Column Injection Port
Maximum use temperature  400℃
Pressure setting range 0 ~ 700kPa
Total flow setting range  0 ~ 200mL/min N2
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