ftir spectroscopy
ftir spectroscopy

7800-350cm-1 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR is mainly used in the traditional areas of petrochemicals, organic chemistry etc.
Wavenumber range
Wavenumber accuracy
Product Details
FTIR fourier transform infrared spectrometer is mainly used in the traditional areas of petrochemicals, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, medicine, food analysis, also used in semiconductor, optical and other new technologies.
High resolution
The resolution can reach 0.5cm-1, can meet various application of end users.
High stability
Using dynamic collimation moving mirror, up to 130,000 times per second continuous dynamic adjustment, to ensure that the sample testing of ultra-high stability can be maintained better spectral peak shape, plane mirror, without compensation system of solid angle mirror interferometer “spectral distortion” phenomenon, seismic capacity is excellent, maintenance-free, without having to constantly adjust the energy.
Good moisture resistance
In addition to the sample compartment, fully sealed design, effectively cut off from moisture, interferometer system are well protected, the detector has been effectively protected, large capacity desiccant box, dehumidification capacity is eight times higher than the ordinary fourier transform infrared, effectively reducing the frequency of the desiccant, which greatly improves the efficiency of the user sample test.
The large sample chamber design, user-friendly extension infrared accessories, such as specular reflectance accessory, diffuse reflectance accessory, ATR accessories, gas pool liquid pool, polarization accessories.
Model FTIR-850
Interferometer The digital continuous dynamic adjustment of 130,000 times per second to ensure instantaneous and long detection of ultra-high stability
Beam splitter The germanium vapor deposition potassium bromide
Light source High-energy ceramic light source
Detector High sensitive DLATGS detector
Wavelength range 7800-350cm-1
Resolution 0.5cm-1
P-P noise <2.2*10-5AU(1 minute scan, 4cm-1 resolution)
Linearity <0.1%
Wavenumber accuracy 0.01cm-1
A/D transform 24bit
Data acquisition He-Ne laser
Support system USB2.0
Data transfer interface Windows98, windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7
Research contents FTIR technical and accessories Resolution required
Fast reaction kinetics Fast scanning 4-16cm-1
Determination of chemical structure:liquid, a conventional gas,
solids(crystals, films,etc)
with no fixed shape, powder, polymer
Conventional solid tablet and paraffin paste method, liquid,conventional gas cell and long-distance gas cell, specularreflection, diffuse reflection, ATR 2-8cm-1
the determination of trace samples Micro solid tablet technology, single reflection ATR, liquids pool 2-8cm-1
Quantitative analysis Peak height, peak area method 2-8cm-1
Atmospheric gas analysis Gas cell 0.5-1.0cm-1
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7800-350cm-1 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
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