flame photometer types
flame photometer types

FP6410 Flame Photometer(K,Na)

Flame photometer FP6410 is an analytical instrument designed and manufactured according to the basic principles of emission spectroscopy. 
Response time
K, Na
Channel Qty
Product Details
Flame photometer FP6410 is widely used in the analysis and determination of agricultural fertilizers, soil analysis, cement, ceramics and other industries as well as the silicic acid industry.
7- inch color touch- screen.Air compressor provide.Multilingual user interface.
Direct concentration display.Automatic calculation of correlation coefficient.
Pre-selection of flame sizes.Flameout protection device
Measuring range changing.Concentration units selectable.
Model FP6410
Operation mode 7- inch color touch- screen
Display value Concentration value
Data range  0.000~999.9
Testable: K, Na
Channel Qty 2
Range ppm K 0-100,NA 0-160
LOD ppm K 0.01,Na 0.01
Linear error K 0.195, Na 0.69
 Response time  <8s
Sample uptake <6ml/min
Stability < 3% drift over15s when continuously aspirating.
Reproducibility < 3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Curve Graph Display
Printer Optional build-in thermal printer
 Fuel  LPG
Power AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz,250W
Packing size 570mmX530mmX400mm 0.12M 18kg
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flame photometer types
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