motor test bench
motor test bench

Electric Vertical Double Column Test Bench Machine

Vertical test bench machine electric double column type has industry's push-pull load, insertion force, destruction test and other tests.
Maximum load
220 / 450mm
60-240 mm/min
Test speed
Product Details
Electric vertical double-column testing machine
1. It is a push-pull load test stand specially used for digital display and pointer push-pull force gauge series.

2.This product adopts double pole structure, which has the advantages of good stability, wide application range, convenient use, etc., and has stepless speed regulation, manual (jog), automatic control switching functions.

3.Suitable for rubber and plastic, light industrial textiles, building doors and windows, composite materials, wires and cables, auto parts, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc.
Electric loading, stepless speed regulation, gear transmission;
Compact structure and stable transmission;
Simple operation and can be used in combination with various fixtures.
Maximum load 5000N
Effective stroke 220mm 450mm
 Test speed  60-240 mm / min
Working voltage 220V
Dimension (mm) 640x400x2400
Net weight 56kg
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