outlet tension tester
outlet tension tester

High Speed Rail Tension Meter

High Speed Rail Tension Meter AZGH is also suitable for major scientific research institutions, testing institutions and other occasions.
Division value
± 5%
Product Details
Rope tension meter is an online instrument for measuring the tension of wires, cables, optical fibers and ropes. Used for tension measurement. 
Online measurement: The rope does not need to be disassembled when measuring the rope. The rope with tension can be measured online. When the rope tension is loaded in real time, the real-time tension can be observed online.
Portable: The instrument adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure, light weight, small volume, and easy to carry. When measuring the tension of the rope, one person can complete all operations.
Convenient operation: The loading mechanism of the instrument adopts a lever structure, which only needs to push the handle of the instrument to measure the rope tension correctly; the operation is simple, and one person can complete a measurement within 30 seconds.
The performance of the instrument is stable and the measurement accuracy is high. When the rope size to be tested is consistent with the rope number stored in the dynamometer, the measurement accuracy can reach 5% within the quantifiable range.
The instrument has 3 kinds of preset specifications ropes, you only need to select the corresponding rope number when measuring.
Digital display shows the force value, the instrument uses LCD to display the measured force value, the reading is more convenient.
Three unit switch: The instrument can switch N, KSf and Lbf three force values.
The instrument can save 383 sets of measurement data, and the saved data can be exported by computer.
Model AZGH
Division value 1N
Accuracy ± 5%
Power supply 7.2V Ni-MH battery pack
Charge input AC 100 ~ 240V 50Hz output: DC 12V 500mA
 Sampling rate 10Hz
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