particle size analyzer for powder
particle size analyzer for powder

Wet/Dry Dispersion TopSizer Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Particle Size Analyzer TopSizer can measure the particle size distribution of powder or latex.  
Mie scattering 
0.02~2000μm(wet), 0.1~2000μm (dry)
Measuring Range
Wet/Dry dispersion 
Sample Feeding
Product Details
Laser Particle Size Analyzer TopSizer's advantages contain wide measurement range, good repeatability, high accuracy, true test result and high reliability. 
Adopt the advanced circulation loop design and big power precise centrifugal pump, the stirring speed can reach 4000turn /min, with the advantage of efficiency clean ability and unwater ability.
The inserted inside ultrasonic can reach 100W. Contain 1000ML sampler, customer can change the volume of the sampler according to their need.
Red lightis imported He-Ne laser with 0.6328μm wavelength;and solid blue laser with 0.466μm wavelength,it improve the resolution ratio of the nanometer particle and big particle. The powder is stable, and fluctuation of powder is less than 0.5%
The detective path reach 98 pieces, and its forward direction, side direction, big angle and backward direction photoelectric detector make up the three-dimensional system, the big detective angle is 140°,the small detective angle is 0.016°.
Software design modularization, invisible instrument state, humanized operation interface.Different date analysis mode, fulfill the measure need of different characterized sample.Clear navigation function and flow interface.
Contain the artificially intelligent, and instrument self-check function, and automatic distinguish the sample injector. And automatic measure the background before testing.
Model TopSizer
Theory Mie scattering  
Measuring Range 0.02~2000μm(wet), 0.1~2000μm (dry)
 Sample Feeding wet dispersion  
Repeatability <0.5% (standard sample D50)  
Accuracy  ≤±0.6 %( standard particle D50)  
 Test speed Within 10 second for common sample
Sampling way Wet and circulating test( water and organic solvent)
 Light Source The designcomply with the international laser safety principle, and capable of self-protection function
Detector The detective path reach 98 pieces. 
Software function SOP standardization operating procedure
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