laser scattering particle size analyzer
laser scattering particle size analyzer

Wet/Dry Dispersion Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Particle Size Analyzer LS-909 can measure the particle size distribution of samples have to be dispersed in liquid or of powders to be dispersed in gas.
Mie scattering 
0.02~2100μm(wet), 0.1~2100μm (dry) 
Measuring Range
Wet/Dry dispersion 
Sample Feeding
Product Details
1.Laser Particle Size Analyzer LS-909 is an excellent dry & wet laser particle size analyzer based on customers’ demands for high-performance instrument.

2.LS-909 adopts international advanced long-focus optical detection system, optimized double backward & reverse scattered light detector array, upgraded ADC signal acquisition system and innovative self-adaption noise suppression algorithm combined with imported high-quality He-Ne laser emitter, which can satisfy the demands for wider-distribution particles’ measurement with high automation degree, large dynamic range, good reproducibility and resolving power.
Light is an electromagnetic wave. When light meets with particles on it  way of traveling, the interaction between light and particles will  result in deviations of part of the light, which is called light  scattering.
The bigger the scattering angle is, the particle size will  be smaller, the smaller the scattering angle is, the particle size will  be bigger.
The particle analyzer instruments will analysis the particle  distribution according to this physical character of the light wave.  
LS-909 owns intelligent measurement & control analysis software, specialized user-defined measurement report templates, as well as easy operation of report browsing, report contrast and data export.
Model LS-909
Theory Mie scattering  
Measuring Range 0.02~2100μm(wet), 0.1~2100μm (dry) 
 Sample Feeding wet/dry dispersion(automated circulating
Repeatability <0.5% (standard sample D50)  
Accuracy  ≤±1 %( standard particle D50)
 Alignment Intelligent automated alignment, accuracy: 0.2μm
Measurement Duration 1-2 minutes  
Number of Detectors 91
 Light Source Imported He-Ne laser, > 2.0 mW, wavelength: 0.6328 μm
Analog digital conversion (ADC) 18bit
Environmental Requirement Temperature: 5-35℃  
Report Items Particle size distribution table & graph, Average diameter, Median diameter, SSA, etc.  
Dimension(L X W X H) 1320×340×360mm(mainframe)
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