types of vacuum extractor
types of vacuum extractor

30L Vacuum Suction Filter

Vacuum extraction is mainly used for liquid-liquid extraction, also for reactions at room temperature.
Glass material
Sphere 30L
Collection bottle volume
Funnel size (mm*mm)
Product Details
Vacuum extraction is owing to the needs of the users' bulk filtering demand.It is widely used in the biochemical pharmaceuticals, sanitation test , environment test , water quality analyze , food , beverage and science research for liquid preliminary filter.
The vacuum filter is a special laboratory filter.
And it is installed with universal casters, which is convenient to move and has the function of putting down the material.
Using the principle of negative pressure, the material in the funnel is filtered, and the filtered material is pumped into the filtering bottle.
After the stainless steel funnel is equipped with filter cloths of different apertures (filter mesh, filter membrane), the material to be filtered is placed evenly on the filter layer, and the vacuum is pumped through the vacuum pump to the lower glass filter bottle.
Model CVF-30L
Glass material GG-17
Frame material Stainless steel
Pipe material 304stainless steel
Collection bottle volume Sphere 30L
Funnel size (mm*mm) 450*250mm
Funnel material Stainless steel
Distance between dumping opening and ground (mm) 450
Filter opening ¢80flange opening
Air exhaust device 24#standard bucket valve
Exterior size(mm*mm*mm) 490*490*1650
Packing size(mm*mm*mm) 1700*540*540
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