rotary evaporator with chiller and vacuum pump
rotary evaporator with chiller and vacuum pump

10L Manual Lifting Rotary Evaporator

VacuumRotary evaporator is mainly used for enrichment, crystallization, drying, separation, drug, solvent recycling, bio~pharmaceutical industry etc.
Rotary flask volume
Rotary speed
Rotary motor power
Product Details
Vacuum Rotary evaporator uses stepless speed to make the glass rotating bottle constant rotation, the material in the bottle wall to form a large area of uniform film, and then through the intelligent constant temperature water bath heat the rotating bottle uniformly, high-speed evaporation under vacuum case,  after the efficient glass condenser cooling, the solvent vapor will recycle in the collection bottle.
The parts in contact with the material are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and PTFE materials, which have stable performance and are not easy to react with the materials.
The stent is made of cold plate anti-corrosive spray + aluminum alloy material, and the bath is made of 304 stainless steel.
The sealing system uses PTFE + fluororubber compound sealing. Over-temperature protection function, when the actual temperature> setting temperature+5 ℃, the machine will automatically power off.
Vacuum pressure gauge shows real-time vacuum by pointer.
The piston-type feeding valve is sleeved with PTFE extension tube, which can be continuously fed to the evaporation flask under vacuum status.
Using upright three-layer serpentine coil as condenser, main condenser and auxiliary-condenser forming double condensers.
Frequency control of motor speed, tilt button (on-off) switch, auto-adjustment by knob, digital display of rotary speed.
Thermostatic bath with temperature digital display function, Cu50 sensor + stainless steel probe at the bottom of the pot.
The lifting of bath controlled by handwheel. Vacuum switching valve can continuously collect and discharge materials without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation.
Rotating and heating double fuses safety protection.
There is a water discharging valve at the bottom of the bath to facilitate liquid discharge.
The collection bottle has a lower discharging port, equipped with cap type PTFE valve.
Model CM-1003
Voltage/Frequency 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Total power 3210W
Rotary motor power 120W
Heating power 3000W
Vacuum 0.095Mpa
Rotary flask volume 10LΦ280mm/Φ95 flange port
Collecting flask volume 5LΦ230mm/ upprt Φ60 flange port ×24#standard port ×24#standard port ×lower Φ50 flange port
Rotary speed 0-120rpm/min
Temperature control range Room temperature -180℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Bath lifting stroke 180mm
Condenser dimension Main condenser Φ120×620H(mm), upper Φ60 flange port, lower Φ80 flange port
Auxiliary condenser Φ135×475H(mm), upper Φ80 flange port, lower Φ60 flange port, side Φ60 flange port
Condensing area 0.51(0.33+0.18) square meter
Gas cylinder Left Φ34 standard port, upper Φ19 standard port, side Φ60 flange port, right Φ60 flange port
Feeding valve 34#standard plug valve, feeding valve (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Multi-function port 19#standard plug valve, glass nozzle (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Releasing valve 24#standard plug valve×2 pcs, releasing valve (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Material discharging valve Φ50 flange port, side discharging valve (pagoda joint)with 20mm outer diameter, 200mm from the ground
Vacuum nozzle Φ60 flanged glass nozzle(pagoda joint)with 10mm outer diameter
In and out circulating nozzle of condenser coil pagoda joint with 16mm outer diameter
Bath dimension/weight Φ350×220H(mm) about 21L
Overall dimension(W*D*H) 930×560×1910mm
Net weight 74KG(49+25)
Packing dimension 1320×780×755mm,0.78 cubic meter
Packing weight 107KG
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