incubator with light
incubator with light

250L-400L Lighting Incubator

Lightning incubator KRG serie is suitable for quality inspection and basic research in life science, plant growth and tissue culture, agriculture and forestry research, pharmaceuticals and other fields.
0.1 ℃/1%RH
Display Resolution
Constant volatility
Product Details
Lightning incubator KRG serie is suitable for quality inspection and basic research in life science, plant growth and tissue culture, agriculture and forestry research, pharmaceuticals and other fields.
The ambient temperature monitoring device in the temperature control system can automatically control the working state of the refrigeration system, which effectively ensures the long-term continuous operation of the equipment.
LCD (program) temperature and humidity controller adopts CPU microprocessor for PID control, the program can simulate the temperature and humidity changes during the day and and night, the temperature and humidity data are reliable and accurate.
The main components are imported high-quality devices, imported low-noise roller fan and unique air duct design, to ensure uniform temperature and humidity in the work room.
Reasonable water treatment system, truly no drainage.
The refrigeration system adopts pressure balance control, which not only reduces the power consumption but also improves the performance index.
With over-temperature and over-humidity alarm function, can be equipped with an additional independent temperature limit control system to ensure that the experiment does not occur accidents. (Optional)
Power failure memory function, call recovery function, to ensure the continuity of the experiment, a reasonable water treatment system, truly no drainage, the bottom of the inclined liner is conducive to the collection and discharge of clean condensate.
All imported compressor, environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerant (R404a), low energy consumption, promote energy saving.
With printer or RS485 interface, it can be connected to printer and computer to print and record the temperature change in real time. (Optional)
”A” is two-sided illumination,”B” is three-sided illumination.
Model KRG-250A KRG-250B KRG-250BP KRG-300A KRG-300B KRG-300BP KRG-400A KRG-400B KRG-400BP
Voltage AC 220V 50HZ
Temperature range With light:0℃-50℃   without light: 10℃-50℃
Temperature and humidity resolution 0.1 ℃/1%RH
Constant volatility ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ±2.0℃
LED light source 6 levels adjustable
Illumination 0-12000LX 0-20000LX 0-24000LX 0-20000LX 0-25000LX
Program control(h*segments*cycle NO 99*30*99 NO 99*30*99 NO 99*30*99
Inner dimension(mm) 500*600*850 480*580*1080 520*670*1150
Size(mm) 820*820*1565 800*810*1750 840*900*1850
Shelves 3 pieces 4 pieces
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