glass reaction kettle
glass reaction kettle

10L Three Layers Glass Reactor

Three layers glass reactor have been widely used in chemical reaction, combination, separation and concentration.
Reactor volume
About 8L  
Interlayer volume
Total power
Product Details
Three layers glass reactor
1.This machine has electric constant speed stirring system, condensation and dropping system. 

2.The lifting and rotating reactor is based on the ordinary reactor, but it can raise the kettle cover and the upper part of the kettle cover as a whole. After the stirring rod leaves the kettle body, the kettle body can be rotated 150 degrees to the left through the handwheel to pour out the materials directly, which is easy to clean the kettle body.

3.This series of products need to be equipped with a vacuum device, a high-temperature or low-temperature circulation device to form system devices.
Using high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3), which can be used in the range of low temperature (-80℃) to high temperature (250℃) .
The kettle body is made of three layers of glass, forming an inner interlayer and an outer interlayer. The inner interlayer is filled with hot and cold circulating liquid, and the outer interlayer is vacuumed to keep the temperature of the materials in the kettle.
The main stent is made of square steel anti-corrosive spray + aluminum alloy + stainless steel.
Kettle cover is made of PTFE material.
The kettle cover and the upper part of the kettle cover can be lifted and lowered electrically, and the kettle body can be rotated 150° to the left by the handwheel.
Glass + PTFE discharging valve, side material discharge without effusion.
Connect the inlet and outlet of jacket with stainless steel hoses, fix them to the stent and then connect with the external circulation pipe to reduce the pressure of the inlet and outlet liquids. It can also avoid the damage to the connection part of the glass interlayer circulation port and the circulation pipe .
Low-speed power-increasing motor, frequency control of motor speed, fine adjustment by knob, dual display speed control box with dual display function can digitally display the speed and the temperature of the material in the kettle.
The stirring system adopts ceramic bearings and mechanical seal to prevent abrasion of the stirring rod.
Using PT100 temperature sensor, 304 stainless steel material, wrapped in transparent PTFE tube , double anti-corrosion.
Crescent-type stirring paddle, 304 stainless steel + PTFE stirring blade; the material of the stirring rod is 304 stainless steel, and it is wrapped in PTFE tube outside.
The bottom of the machine is equipped with universal wheel with brake, which can be moved as a whole and be operated conveniently.
Model CGT-10L
Reactor volume 10L, inner diameter 230m, middle layer 290mm, outer diameter 330mm, inner length 354mm
Volume of inner interlayer About 8L
Voltage/Frequency 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Total power 130W
Stirring motor power 90W1/3
Lifting motor power 40W1/12.5
Stirring speed 0-450rpm/min
Temperature range of reactor -80℃~ +250℃
Temperature measuring accuracy ±1℃
Vacuum 0.098Mpa
Kettle cover
6 ports(PTFE cover)
Stirring port Φ50mm threaded port
Condensing reflux port 50# ball mill port
Constant pressure funnel port 40# standard port
Pressure relief port 34# standard port
Temperature measuring port 24# standard port
Solid feeding port Φ80mm threaded port, inner length 50#mm
Stirring paddle Φ17×700H(mm)  blade 150mm
Condenser dimension Φ100*600H(mm)   lower Φ60 flange port
Condensing area 0.4m2
Dean-stark Upper Φ60 flange port, left 50# ball mill stopper
lower 1L spherical bottle supporting glass discharging valve
Constant pressure funnel 1L, upper 29# standard port with glass stopper; lower 40#standard stopper, lower equipped with 40# standard port×40#standard stopper, S type adapter connected with kettle cover
Pressure relief valve 34# standard plug valve, releasing valve (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Inlet and outlet circulation port of inner interlayer Φ45mm flange port supporting 3/4" buffer device, 1/2" adapter as external interface
Outer interlayer vacuum nozzle Φ35 flange port supporting glass + PTFE exhaust valve
exhaust nozzle (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Material discharging port Φ75 flange, Φ33mm material discharging hole, oblique discharging port(pagoda joint)Φ34mm, 280mm from the ground
Vacuum nozzle Pagoda joint with 12mm outer diameter
In and out circulating nozzle of condenser coil Pagoda joint with 15mm outer diameter
Lift stroke of reactor 500mm(The stirring rod shall be 50mm away from the top of the kettle cover)
Overall dimension(W*D*H) 750×850×(2000-2450 after lifting)mm
Packing dimension 2020×550×1020mm wooden package 1.14m³
Net weight 131KG
Packing weight 188KG
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