glass bioreactor
glass bioreactor

100L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Jacketed glass reactor machine has been widely used in chemical reaction, combination, separation and concentration.
Reactor volume
About 18L  
Interlayer volume
250W 1/3
Stirring motor power
Product Details
Jacketed glass reactor vessel: Reagents are set in the inner layer of double-layer glass reactor, at the same time, the reactor can be vacuumed and stirred in speed adjustable, interlayer can guide in refrigerating fluid, water and high temperature liquid to heat and cool the materials, which can be used for the experiment, pilot test and production of chemistry, fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and synthesis of new materials.
High borosilicate glass materials, good physical and chemical properties.
Can be used in wide temperature range from high temperature(300℃) to low temperature(80℃).
Can work in constant pressure and vacuum condition, vacuum degree is below 0.095 MPa in quiet situation.
Products can be constituted system devices with circulating water type multipurpose vacuum pump, diaphragm pump, low temperature circulating (vacuum) pump, circulating cooler, constant temperature circulator, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump and other equipment.
Type CGJ-100L
Glass material GG-17
Frame material Stainless steel
Pipe material 304 stainless steel
Moving method   The band brake type universal angle wheel
Reaction bottle volume 100L
Jacket capacity 18L
Flange in and out of the oil circulation Low “in” and high “out”
Number of kettle lid bottle six
Distance between Discharging valve opening and ground    450mm
Reaction temperature of reactor -80-250℃
Vacuum 0.098Mpa
Stirring running speed 0-450rpm
Stirring axis diameter 15mm
Stirring power 250W1/3
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Exterior size (mm*mm*mm) 610*610*2500  
Packing size (mm*mm*mm) 1900*700*870  1.16 square
Packing weight (KG) 125
Function configurations
Speed regulation method   Electric stepless speed regulation
Motor configuration Power motor at low speed, speed ratio is 3:1
Rotary speed display LCD digital display
Temperature display PT100 sensor digital display
Sealing method PTFE sealing, 60 flange stirring opening
Condenser Vertical efficient double-reflux condenser 120*640mm,40# standard opening
Reflow (distillation) device   Reflux bend with feeding switch, 50# ball mill mouth
Dropping device 2Lconstant pressure funnel 40# standard opening
Pressure reducing device 34#standard pressure reduce valve
Temperature measuring tube 24#standard opening
Solid feeding 80flange opening with PTFE lid
Discharging method Bottom Side charging valve 80 flange opening
Vacuum display method Vacuum meter
Stirring connection Cardan joint connected
Stirrer Writing stainless stick, coated by PTFE
Optional configurations
Main Frame Tray type
Collecting device Collecting bottle
Explosion-proof Ex-frequency inverter, Ex-motor EX370W, 0-1400 running speed
Frame parts Plastic spraying or PTFE
Attemperator Insulated cotton
Sealing parts Ceramic bearing, mechanical seal
Condenser Horizontal condenser can decrease whole height
Cover of reactor Custom-made PTFE cover
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