liquid centrifuge
liquid centrifuge

21000rpm High Speed Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge

Universal Centrifuge High Speed Refrigerated type uses centrifugal force to separate components in a mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid.
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Universal Centrifuge TGL18 holding lots of Swing Out Rotors & Angle Rotors for options. Mainly used in animal and plant molecular biology, cell biology, food safety, life science, agriculture and forest science, animal husbandry science, biological products, pharmaceutical products and other fields of ideal equipment for the separation and precipitation of samples preparation.
With silent-block and shock absorbers that guarantees smooth and quiet operations & fast cooling.
The centrifuge body is made of high-quality steel, safe and reliable.
Microprocessor digital control of all functions:speed, time,temperature, acceleration/deceleration, RCF, 10 program memory, operation fault display.
Electronic safety lock alarm inside, just press down the top lid until it will lock in sealed and open up after separation automatically.
Easy open the centrifuge lid via pneumatic springs; the operation area of the centrifuge is at the front end.
RPM/RCF adjustable along with the speed setting calculating automatically.
 10 selective acceleration and deceleration rates for options
The self-diagnostic system provides a protection for imbalance over speed/voltage and electronic lock fault.
Model TGL18
Max Speed 21,000r/min Max RCF 30,910xg
Max Volume 4x800ml Power supply AC220V,50HZ,7A
Timer 1~9h/59min Noise ≤58dBA
Dimension 700×715×420mm Net Weight 125KG
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min Package(W*D*H) Plywood box: 880x800x580mm
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