lab bioreactor
lab bioreactor

Vertical In-situ Sterilization Magnetic Stirring Glass Bioreactor Fermenter

Vertical Bioreactor Fermenter is quite an important device in wine, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, organic pollutant degradation etc.
In-situ type
Magnetic stirring
Vertical type
Product Details
Vertical Bioreactor Fermenter
1.The multifunctional glass biofermentation system uses a color touch screen to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation.

2.Four peristaltic pumps are mounted on the front of the control box to replenish the fermenter with acid, alkali, defoamer and medium. Various parameters of the fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and rotational speed can be monitored by the controller and all data and control parameters can be transferred to the controller or computer.

3.All data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or to a computer. The compact design allows the integration of various components into the fermentation system. Adopting lower drive magnetic indirectly coupled mechanical stirring method, simple structure, smooth operation, and
Diameter to height ratio: 1:2~3; Liquid coefficient: 70%.
Stirring system: magnetic stirring system, using strong magnetic mechanical upper suspension magnetic stirring system.
Sterilization: in-situ automatic program sterilization; Inoculation: alcohol flame inoculation;
Ventilation: rotor flow meter display, according to process requirements to adjust the flow of gas.
PH control function: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode.
DO function: Intelligent PID control, Mettler DO electrode.
Temperature control: Intelligent PID control, stainless steel jacket electric heating.
Replenishment: perfect replenishment system (acid, alkali, bubble enemy, culture agent), can be programmed to control the replenishment.
Volume  1/3/5/7/10/15L , stainless steel tank + part of silicone boron glass.
Stirring speed speed: 50~1000rpm precision: ±1rpm.
PH control Intelligent PID control, automatic replenishment of acid/alkali; range: 2~12ph; control accuracy: ±0.02ph
DO control Intelligent PID control, can be associated with the  replenishment speed; range: 0~100%, control accuracy: ±3%;
Temperature control Intelligent PID control; electric heating water cooling; range:cooling water temperature +5~60℃; precision:±0.1℃;
Foam control Electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishment of antifoam agent, automatic control;
Ventilation Manual adjustment, flow meter display;
Tank pressure Manually adjusted, pressure gauge display; range:0~0.20Map;
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