bioreactor glass
bioreactor glass

Multi-stage Off-site Mechanical Stirring Glass Bioreactor Fermenter

Multi-stage Bioreactor Fermenter is quite an important device in wine, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, organic pollutant degradation etc.
Off-site type
Mechanical stirring
Glass type
Product Details
Multi-stage Bioreactor Fermenter
1.4 tanks for tandem cultivation saves more than 10 times of time compared with the general cultivation method, which is the best tool for large-scale strain/cell line screening and optimization of cultivation conditions.

2.Examples of main application areas:
- Discovery of secondary metabolites or new enzyme activities in heterogeneous mixed culture products;
- High-throughput screening studies, mutant strain distribution studies and construction of E. coli libraries or yeast libraries;
- Metabolic flow studies and high-throughput screening of highly active mutant strains;
- Comparative studies, e.g. isolation screening of clinical strains;
- Optimization of growth media for cell lines or high yielding strains;
Diameter to height ratio: 1:2~3; Liquid coefficient: 70%.
Number of tanks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 optional.
Tank: high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant double-armed silicon boron glass and 316L stainless steel lid.
Stirring method: shaft drive mechanical stirring (John Crane mechanical seal).
Ventilation: rotor flow meter display, according to process requirements to adjust the flow of gas.
PH control function: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode.
DO function: Mettler DO electrode, can be associated with replenishment, speed control.
Temperature control: Intelligent PID control, electric heating, water cooling, glass jacket, circulating pump circulating temperature control is accurate.
Replenishment: perfect replenishment system (acid, alkali, foam enemy, culture agent), can be programmed to control the replenishment;
Sterilization: Sterilization in isolation.
Inoculation: alcohol flame inoculation.
Volume 1/2/3/5/7/10Liters
Stirring speed Special speed motor, wide range, low noise, high temperature resistance, speed: 50~1000rpm precision: ±1rpm;.
PH control Intelligent PID control, peristaltic pump automatically replenish acid / alkali; range: 2 ~ 12ph; control accuracy: ± 0.02ph
DO control Intelligent PID control, can be associated with the replenishment speed; range: 0~100%, control accuracy: ± 3%;
Temperature control Intelligent PID control; electric heating, water cooling; Range:cooling water temperature +5~60℃; Accuracy:±0.1℃
Foam control Electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishment of antifoam agent, automatic control;
Ventilation Manual adjustment, flow meter display;
Tank pressure Manually adjusted, pressure gauge display; range:0~0.20Map;
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