bioreactor for sale
bioreactor for sale

Micro Off-site Sterilization Mechanical Stirring Glass Bioreactor Fermenter

Off-site Bioreactor Fermenter is quite an important device in wine, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, organic pollutant degradation etc.
Off-site type
Mechanical stirring
Glass type
Product Details
Off-site Bioreactor Fermenter is the device that provides for biochemical reactions. It usually refers to the use of enzymes or organisms to make the device biomimetic, allowing biochemical reactions to take place extracellularly, with both aerobic and anaerobic reactions taking place during the simulation. 
Diameter to height ratio: 1:2~3; Liquid loading coefficient: 70%.
Sterilization: Sterilization pot off-site sterilization.
Ventilation: rotor flow meter display, according to process requirements to adjust the flow of gas.
Tank: high-temperature and corrosion-resistant silicon boron glass tank, 316L stainless steel lid and bottom and stainless steel temperature control jacket, in line with the fermentation process, mechanical seals, inlet sterilization filter, exhaust condenser.
Standard control system: Germany Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system + 10 "LCD touch screen display and operation, full Chinese menu and interface; you can use a USB flash drive for data transmission, sampling and display tank data, system data browsing and analysis, read settings, can be transmitted to the upper computer.
Volume 0.5/0.7/1/2/3/5/7/10/15 Liters
Stirring speed Speed: 50~1000rpm; precision: ±1rpm.
PH control 2~12ph; control accuracy: ±0.02ph, resolution: 0.01ph;
DO control Can be associated with rotational speed; range:0~100%, control accuracy:±3%; resolution:0.1%;
Temperature control Large stainless steel jacket to ensure sufficient heat transfer sterilization, cooling water temperature +5 ~ 55 ℃; accuracy:± 0.1 ℃; resolution:0.1 ℃;
Foam control Electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishment of antifoam agent, automatic control;
Ventilation Manual adjustment, flow meter display;
Tank pressure Manually adjusted, pressure gauge display; range:0~0.20Map;
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