stainless steel bioreactor
stainless steel bioreactor

Fully Automatic Sterilization Mechanical Stirring Stainless Steel Fermenter

Stainless Steel Fermenter is quite an important device in wine, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, organic pollutant degradation etc.
Fully automatic
Mechanical stirring
Stainless steel
Product Details
Stainless Steel Fermenter
Based on the study of European fermenters, it realizes the automatic control of fermenter sterilization process through simple pipeline and heat exchange system, reduces the labor intensity of experimental personnel, has simple structure and smooth operation.
Diameter to height ratio: 1:2~3; Liquid coefficient: 70%.
500-liter tank: the main material is all stainless steel 316L tank, no dead space in the tank; with special sampling and discharge valve for fermenter, and seed transfer pipeline.
The tank adopts large-viewing angle liquid level observation sight glass, 12V safety light, with temperature, PH, DO, defoaming, liquid level interface, inoculation port, replenishment port, and a number of spare ports, all the welded seams are strong, neat and beautiful.
Tank: Design pressure 0.3Mpa Jacket: Design pressure 0.3Mpa, with optimized infusion design, improving the exchange efficiency and temperature uniformity inside the tank.
Tank Functions: John Crane mechanical seal, air inlet sterilization filter, exhaust condenser, air inlet system with air distributor, flame inoculation port (also feeding and cleaning port), discharge port, sampling port, replenishment port; five electrodes for automatic control of parameters: PH electrode, DO electrode, defoamer electrode, and temperature electrode port; and four peristaltic pumps for automatic control of replenishment of acid/alkali/bubbles/cultivation agent respectively.
Motor: Specialized SEW AC motor for fermenter to ensure that the motor can operate in harsh environment.
Ventilation: Adopting one way deep ventilation, rotor flowmeter display, adjusting the flow rate of gas according to the process requirements, and air distributor in the tank to distribute the gas evenly; adopting the sterilizing filter (Dominic or Shanghai Yiming) with the precision of 0.2 μm, with anti-materials backflow device, which ensures the safety and prolongs the service life greatly.
Stirring mode Straight-blade stirring paddle (second level) inclined-blade stirring paddle (first level), mechanical compression type defoaming paddle (first level), four stall plates;
Stirring system Mechanical stirring system, SEW AC motor, Fuji frequency converter.
PH control Intelligent PID control, special Swiss Mettler PH electrode;
DO control Adopting intelligent PID control, special Swiss Mettler DO electrode;
Temperature control Electric heating, water cooling, circulating pump circulating temperature control, with air self-evacuation function and water cut-off, over-temperature protection function, with good heat exchange efficiency; intelligent module control not only ensures the rapidity of temperature control but also realizes energy saving.
Replenishment Perfect replenishment system (acid, alkali, foam enemy, culture agent), can be timed and quantitative replenishment; four peristaltic pumps can be selected separately in the control interface segmentation settings, convenient and flexible in actual use. Equipped with specially designed replenishment pins to ensure the safe operation of replenishment;
Pressure detection Swiss transmitter automatically detect the tank pressure, pressure automatic release
Automatic lid lifting system (optional) Automatic lid lifting system through the electric system to lift the lid for easy cleaning and maintenance of the equipment inside the tank.
Sterilization mode Automatic program sterilization (leading technology, stable quality, low failure rate, reduce the operator's labor intensity)
Temperature Cooling water temperature +5 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ ± 0.2 ℃ tap water or ice water cooling, external circulation heating to avoid local overheating, temperature control and stability.
pH 2.00 ~ 12.00 ± 0.05 two peristaltic pump bidirectional switch control
DO  0~100%±3
Stirring 50 ~ 1000rpm ± 10% stepless speed regulation, shaft drive mechanical stirring or magnetic drive mechanical stirring
Replenishment Peristaltic pump duty cycle switch control
Defoaming Sensitivity 100 ~ 100000Ω electrode detection, peristaltic pump duty cycle switch control to add antifoaming agent
Pressure Automatic pressure detection
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