animal bioreactor
animal bioreactor

Animal Cell Culture Off-site Sterilization Bioreactor

Animal Cell Culture Bioreactor is quite an important device in wine, tissue engineering, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical production, organic pollutant degradation etc.
Off-site type
Glass type
Animal cell culture
Product Details
Animal Fermenter/bioreactor application: 
1, Animal vaccine production: Avian influenza vaccine, Porcine PRRS vaccine, Foot-and-mouth disease, Rabies vaccine, Mink vaccine,DTP vaccine, Diphtheria vaccine, Tetanus vaccine, etc.
2, Human vaccine production: Diphtheria vaccine, Tetanus vaccine, Meningitis vaccine, Pneumonia IV vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine,etc.
3, Culture for microorganism (bacterial,fungi,yeast.etc), mammalian cell(293,CHO etc.), plant cell, algae, enzyme, protein,
additives, antibiotics etc.

1, Glass fermenter from mini 0.2L to 40L, 
2, Stainless steel fermenter for reasearch-pilot-industry like 2L-500L-5000L-500KL. 
3, Relative device: Steam generator, Chiller, Air compressor, Tubular centrifuge, Disc centrifuge, Shaker,etc.
Material: Glass and 316L stainless steel.The diameter and hight ratio: 1:2-3
Mixing method: magnetic stirring or mechanical stirring one of the two optional.
Stirring system:Mechanical sealing system : high-powered stirring oar, anti foam oar;AC electrical machine: infinite speed variation; rpm in the fermenter: 70~1200rpm±1%, the height of the stirring oar can be adjusted.
Temperature detection and control :Heat by thermostatic water tank and circulate by circulating pump(Grundfos, Denmark), auto control (cooling water+5℃) to 65℃±0.1℃,temperature probe(PT100).
pH detection and control :2.00-12.00±0.05pH, autocontrol by adding acid and base, pH sensor (Mettler/Hamilton,Switzerland) and shielding lead (Mettler/Hamilton,Switzerland). fermenter is auto controlled with peristaltic pump.
DO detection and control :0-150±3% displaying precision 0.1%, sensor (Mettler/Hamilton,Switzerland) and shielding lead(Mettler/Hamilton,Switzerland).
Feed control :Fermenter uses peristaltic pump (Spriax,UK) to add materials.
Anti foam control :Tested by sensor and added anti foamer by peristaltic pump. Intake control (air) manual control rota meter.
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