Soil hardness meter
Soil hardness meter

Portable Digital Soil Hardness Tester

Soil hardness meter can store 896 measuring values.
1. 100Kg
Maximum load
Product Details
Soil hardness meter can store 896 measuring values.
High accuracy and high resolution: large screen LCD display, with backlight function (backlight for night use), inverted reverse function of numbers on the screen.
Battery capacity display: divide into 3,2and1 grids. If battery capacity is too low, the instrument will shut down automatically.
Gravity acceleration setting function: users can input the exact value of gravity acceleration of testing site to make the test more precise.
Peak value maintaining function: maintain the peak value display until zero adjustment manually .
Automatic peak function: maintain displaying the peak values for 2S before automatic elimination.
Large memory storage function: can store 896 measuring values.
Data output function, data can be imported to the computer for various analyses .
Auto-off time setting: 10min-90 min automatic shutdown can be set.
High quality charging power: 100-240v of charging voltage can be available.
Maximum load 1. 100Kg (Kg and N can be switched automatically)
Accuracy ±0.5%
Resolution 0.01kg
Measuring depth 0~450mm
Ambient temperature  0~ 60°C
Ambient humidity  ≤ 80%
Allowable overload 150%
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