Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter

Touch Screen Moisture Meter

Touch Screen Moisture Meter is widely used in plastics, rubber, grain, feed, tobacco, paper, food (dehydrated vegetables, meat, noodles etc.
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Moisture meter is widely used in plastics, rubber, grain, feed, tobacco, paper, food (dehydrated vegetables, meat, noodles, flour, biscuits, pies, aquatic product processing), tea, beverages, grains, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, textile raw materials In other industries, the free moisture contained in the sample is tested.
Instead of the national standard oven method, the operation is simple, the test time is greatly shortened, and the work efficiency is as high as 10 degrees.
High precision (electromagnetic force weighing sensor) high precision, long life and stability.
Advanced humidity control system to avoid interference caused by free moisture.
Real-time graph display, intuitive observation of moisture changes.
Humanized program module, one-time setting, direct measurement.
The alloy metal base makes the moisture meter stable and reliable, reducing the interference of external factors.
LCD display, rich data display (graph, time, real-time temperature, moisture, solid content, program module).
Save multiple sets of data, no need to repeat settings, test at any time, multiple operation options, meet different requirements for sample measurement.
Standard RS232 communication interface / optional baud rate - easy to connect printers, PCs and other peripheral devices, to meet the requirements of different countries.
10.The heating method of the ring-shaped quartz tungsten-halogen infrared ring lamp can be directly heated from the inside of the material.
The research and development personnel of Meade Technology have designed an excellent and unique temperature-controlled heating system to make it heat evenly and form a balanced cycle. Real-time monitoring of water loss makes the result more accurate
Model C-720B C-100B
Weighting accuracy 1mg 0.1mg
Readable of moisture 0.01% 0.001%
Calibration mode External
Size 310x200x120mm
Max.load 120g
Temperature range 13-25℃
Heating source Halogen lamp(ring 450w)
Pan size Φ90mm(stainless steel)
Pre-heating 20-30mins
Temp. Heating range 40-200(interval 1℃)
Dry program Standard heating, step heating, weightless heating mode
Off mode Automatic shutdown, manual shutdown, scheduled shutdown
Interface 2 USB interface、1RS232serial port
Display 7 inch capacitive touch screen
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Touch Screen Moisture Meter
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