Automatic seed counter
Automatic seed counter

SLY-C PLUS Automatic Seed Counter

Automatic seed counter is a microcomputer electronic counting device.
Seed diameter
± 2 ‰ 
Counting error
≥ 1000 grains/3 mins
Counting speed
Product Details
Atomatic seed counter
1.SLY-C plus microcomputer automatic counting device is a microcomputer electronic counting device, which is suitable for counting seeds of corn, wheat, rice, rape, sesame, sorghum, vegetables, flowers and other seeds. It uses microcomputer automatic control, touch buttons, and accurate automatic counting function to undertake the complicated work of manual counting, reduce the work intensity of breeding workers, and provide convenience for users.

2.The microcomputer electronic automatic seed counting instrument is widely used in the fields of seed sorting, thousand grain weight measurement, several grain sowing, etc. in the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, agricultural universities, seed companies and grain departments.
Microcomputer automatic control, LCD large screen LCD display, humanized design, fully automatic operation.
The microcomputer automatic counting device has the functions of circuit self adjustment, random counting, preset self stop and batch counting.
It has a sensitive gear setting, which can preset the appropriate gear speed of the seed according to different seed particle sizes, reducing the complexity of manual adjustment by users.
It has the function of automatic power off protection. After automatically detecting that there is no seed, the vibrating material box will stop working protectively. Energy saving and environmental protection, prolong the service life of the instrument.
The working interface is clearly and intuitively displayed, with grain counting mode, set number, actual number, grain counting duration, gear speed, Beijing time, etc.
The speed of several seeds can be adjusted, the noise is small, and the precision is high. It is applicable to small and medium-sized seeds.
It has the alarm prompt function, which will give an alarm prompt sound when several capsules are completed or the protective work is stopped, so as to enhance the user experience.
Model SLY-C
Seed diameter 1-12mm
Counting error ± 2 ‰ (the gear speed and the scurf falling off in the seed vibration will affect the counting accuracy)
Counting speed ≥ 1000 grains/3 minutes (take sesame as an example)
Vibration noise ≤ 70dB
Counting capacity 1~99999
Preset auto stop Any value from 1 to 99999, set 00000 and do not count
Instrument size 284 * 210 * 176mm
External power supply 110VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz compatible
Relative humidity < 85%
Continuous working time ≥ 5 hours
Working environment Ambient temperature: - 10 ℃~50 ℃;
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