portable living plant leaf area meter
portable living plant leaf area meter

Leaf area meter

Portable leaf area meter is a living leaf area measuring instrument which is convenient to use and can be used in the field.
0.01cm ²
Area resolution
Length resolution
Width resolution
Product Details
Portable leaf area meter
1. It is a living leaf area measuring instrument which is convenient to use and can be used in the field. The instrument can measure the leaf area and related parameters of leaves accurately, quickly and without damage, and can also measure the area of picked plant leaves and other sheet objects.

2. It measuring instrument is widely used for leaf growth analysis in agricultural, forestry, horticultural cultivation and breeding work, providing important reference for the breeding of high-quality agricultural varieties.
The portable leaf area meter can measure the area, perimeter, length, width, aspect ratio and shape factor of the leaves in real time, and can measure the detached and non detached leaves;
No calibration required; Wormholes do not affect the measurement results;
Setting function: set display items, and each measurement item can be selected and displayed at will;
Data viewing: historical measurement data in the instrument memory can be browsed;
Time function: the instrument has time and date functions; The measurement time can be saved with the measurement data;
Calculation function: upper computer can calculate the cumulative value and average value of leaf area;
Transmission function: USB interface for data transmission; USB adopts installation free driver;
System information viewing: automatic alarm for low battery voltage, instrument firmware version and other information;
The plant chlorophyll content meter has its own USB interface, which can be connected to the computer to export the measured data, so as to facilitate the management and analysis of plant nutrients.
Power supply function: rechargeable lithium battery, long working time, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, power management;
Portable function: the whole machine is highly integrated and easy to operate; Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Sensor customized contact image sensor
Measurement unit mm, mm2
Maximum effective scanning width 154mm
Scanning speed 30mm/s
Area measurement accuracy ± 2% (the measured sample area is greater than 10cm ²)
Area resolution 0.01cm ²
Length resolution  0.1cm
Width resolution  0.1mm
Maximum measured thickness ≤ 8mm
Display 122 × 32 dot matrix, 2 lines, Chinese and English interface display
Data storage 5000 groups of measurement data
Interface USB2.0
Power supply 7V lithium rechargeable battery
Power more than 500 times of scanning can be performed with one charge
Volume 34 × six × 4(cm)
Weight 1.5kg
Operating temperature 0~50 ℃
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