Weather station
Weather station

SQ8 Handheld Weather Station

Handheld agrometeorological weather station is composed of a handheld machine and different sensors.
- 30 ℃~ 70 ℃
± 0.4 ℃
0.1 ℃
Product Details
Handheld agrometeorological detector is composed of a handheld machine and different sensors. A host machine is connected through a multi-channel hub, and can be connected with many kinds of sensors. If a customer wants to test the temperature and humidity change curve of 10 temperatures and 10 humidity in the greenhouse, he can add a handheld machine and 10 temperature and humidity sensors. On the contrary, these instruments can also be divided into single-probe instruments, such as temperature and humidity recorder, illuminance recorder, etc.

Configurable sensors and accessories
Temperature and humidity sensor (including dew point and without dew point), air pressure sensor, light intensity sensor, photosynthetic effective radiation sensor, CO2 sensor, wind direction sensor, soil salinity sensor, type evaporation sensor, wind speed sensor, rain sensor, ground temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, hub, rain box, and small weather station support.

1. Working power supply: AC220V/50Hz or DC 12V (AC/DC dual purpose)
2. Working current:<2000mA
3. Standby current:<25mA
4. Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ - 80 ℃
5. Relative humidity: ≤ 100% RH
Small and beautiful, easy to carry, touch button, large screen dot-matrix LCD display, English menu operation.
One-button switching, you can record manually or set sampling interval at any time without the computer, and automatically record and store data.
AC and DC dual-purpose, you can get the field measurement and acquisition data at any time, and you can also place the record place for a long time.
The data storage function is powerful. It can store 120000 pieces of data, which can be viewed on the host computer or imported into the computer. The data saved in the host computer after accidental power failure will not be lost.
The probe is consistent, and the sensor interfaces of different meteorological parameters can be interchanged without affecting the accuracy.
After the sensor is inserted into the host, it does not need to be set, and automatically searches for a variety of different types of sensors (similar to the connection of USB flash disk and computer).
Display the process curve trend of each parameter, display the maximum value, minimum value and average value, view, zoom in and zoom out functions, clear and clear.
With the function of setting the color of the overrun area, the display is more intuitive and more convenient for customers.
The data stored in the record can be backed up and saved in EXCEL format for future calls.
The report and curve of each parameter can be queried and viewed by selecting time period, and can be printed by computer.
The curve coordinates can be set and moved by themselves, making the analysis of historical trend clearer and the time clearer.
Fully compatible with all 32-bit Windows systems on the market.
Measurement index Parameter Model SQ8
Temperature Range : -30~70℃
Accuracy : ±0.4℃
Resolution : 0.1℃
Soil salinity Range : 0~199.99ms/cm
Accuracy : ±2%
Humidity Range :0~100%RH
Accuracy : ±3%RH
CO2 Range : 0-2000ppm
Accuracy : ±0.4ppm
Resolution :1ppm
pH Range : 4-9ph
Accuracy :±1
Soil temperature Range : -30~70℃
Accuracy : ±0.3℃
Resolution : 0.1℃
Solar illumination Range :0-2000000LUX
Accuracy : ±5lus
Resolution : 1LUX
Soil moisture Range : 0-100%
Accuracy : ±0.2%
Resolution : 0.1%
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SQ8 Handheld Weather Station
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