pesticide test in vegetables
pesticide test in vegetables

C-8DA Andrioid System Pesticide Residue Tester

Pesticide Residue Tester instrument for pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables can be widely used for the rapid detection of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits
≤ 0.5%
Linear error
Product Details
Pesticide Residue Meter is based on cholinesterase catalyzing acetylcholine, its hydrolysate impacts DTNB to form yellow AZO.Organophosphate pesticides has effect on enzyme. Through changes of absorption value show the degree of inhibition and further reflect the pesticide residue in samples. The instrument consist of LED, thermostatic color pool, integrated photoelectric sensors, ARM9 microprocessor and miniature printer and can print directly and transit result of testing.
The rapid pesticide residue tester focuses on the detection of organic phosphorus, carbamate and other pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits.
The test results of the pesticide residue rapid analyzer are both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative display result is the inhibition rate, and the quantitative display result is mg/kg.
With a 7-inch large LCD backlight display screen, the Android system is easy to operate and upgrade, with a built-in GPS module (built-in, no external antenna required), real-time positioning of longitude and latitude, and accuracy within 5 meters.
Built in thermal high-speed printer (no need to change the ribbon) can print barcode. The host screen displays: vegetable name, inhibition rate, pesticide content (quantitative), whether qualified, test date, test unit (can be modified on the host), longitude and latitude, temperature and humidity, radiation and other parameters.
More than 40 vegetable names can be set on the instrument host. When the instrument is turned on, light source self inspection shall be carried out without manual adjustment with light baffle.
It can store ≥ 200000 pieces of detection information, and automatically save data. The stored data will not be lost after power failure. It has perfect query and statistics functions.
The reaction time and upper limit of qualification standard can be set on the host. The measurement channel has 8 channels, which can be measured simultaneously or separately. The host computer has a built-in micro printer.
Use 4G/WIFI wireless mode to upload the stored data to the computer (applicable to the automatic remote transmission of reported data from villages and towns to the competent department);
User management: In order to prevent misoperation, the host has a built-in customer management system, and users can set user names and passwords.
Data query: it can be viewed according to the test date and test number, and the stored measurement data can be deleted. It can perform functions such as single deletion, deletion of all, printing, positive and negative sorting, sorting by item name, and filtering by date.
The host can be connected to environmental sensors, such as air temperature and humidity, dew point, photosynthetically active radiation, etc. Environmental parameters can be connected to the host at the same time or separately, and all measured data can be displayed on the same interface.
With cloud platform and APP, the instrument can view and manage measurement data in multiple channels.
Model Function difference
C-8DA  8 channels
C-16DA 16channels
Transmittance accuracy  ≤±1.5%
Transmittance repeatability  ≤ 0.5%
Linear error ≤5%
Operation system Andrioid system
Test channel 8
Display  7 inch touch screen
Interface Network
Working environment temperature: 0~40°C, humidity: 35~85%
Power adaptor 220V to 5V/5A
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