Whiteness Meter
Whiteness Meter

WSB-V Flour Whiteness Meter

Intelligent whiteness tester adopts the pulse flash technology, which can be used to measure the blue whiteness of the object surface.
Indicating value drift
Zero point drift
Product Details
Whiteness Analyzer:
1.It is used to test whiteness of objects. 

2.It applies to the department of flour, starch, ground rice, salt, tactile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastic, porcelain, clay, talcum powder, white cement, paint, ceramic, enamel, paper, pulp and so on. 

3.It has two types, one is with printing function and the other is without printing function.
Microcomputer control, LCD displayer, touch key, delicate appearance.
Energy-saving and environment-protecting.
Automatic calibration, stable and reliable.
Diffuse illumination and vertical sounding method(d/o), simulation D65 illuminant use d/o illuminating viewing and geometrical condition. Globe of diffusion diameter is 120.Measuring whole diameter is 20 mm. Have light absorber, can eliminate reflected ray of sample mirror surface.
It is equipped with a long-life light source up to 100000 hours, which is simple and convenient to operate, and is widely used in departments that need to measure the whiteness of samples, such as flour, starch, Rice noodles, salt, etc.
Model WSB-V
Repeatability ≤0.1
Indicating value drift ≤0.1
Zero point drift ≤0.1
Indicating value error ≤0.5
Output mode three and a half digital display, built-in printer (according to customers’ needs can be with printing function or not)
Working environment: temperature 0-40°C; relative humidity <80%RH
Power AC (220+22) V 50HZ
Weight 9.3KG
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WSB-V Flour Whiteness Meter
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