Falling Number tester
Falling Number tester

FN-II Falling Number Machine

Falling Number Machine is special for measuring amylase activity in grains,suitable for the determination of grains, especially wheat and wheat flour.
Analysis time
Wavelength repeatability
Wavelength accuracy
Product Details
Falling number tester:
1.It is a special instrument for measuring amylase activity in cereals.

2.It can accurately judge the degree of grain germination damage, and is applicable to the determination of grains, especially wheat and wheat flour. It is a necessary instrument for quality detection in the fields of grain storage, flour processing, food processing, etc.

3.It is widely used in grain storage, flour processing, food processing and other fields. Users can choose with or without printing function according to actual needs.
The suspension of cereal flour (such as wheat flour) gelatinizes rapidly in a boiling water bath, and α— The different amylase activity makes the starch of the gelatinized material liquefied to different degrees.
The degree of liquefaction is different. The falling speed of the agitator in the gelatinized material is different.
The falling value also indicates the corresponding α— The difference of amylase activity.
The lower the landing value is α— The higher the activity of amylase.
The falling value is expressed by the number of seconds required for the stirring rod to drop freely at a certain height in the gelatinized liquid.
The unit shall comply with GB/T10361-2008 Method for Determination of Falling Number of Wheat, Rye and Their Flour, Durum Wheat and Their Coarse Grain Flour
Model FN-II
Weight of mixing bar 25 ± 0.05g
Water bath barrel heating pipe 600W
Viscosity pipe  inner diameter 21 ± 0.02mm
Outer diameter 23.8 ± 0.25mm
Inner wall height 220 ± 0.3mm
Repeatability Difference between the two measurement results shall not exceed 10% of the average value
Measurement error  < 5%
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