Amylose content analyzer
Amylose content analyzer

DPCZ-II Amylose content analyzer

Amylose analyzer is mainly used for rapid detection and analysis of the quality of amylose in grains such as rice, corn, and wheat.
Amylose content
Test parameters
Product Details
Amylose content analyzer:
1.It referred to as amylose analyzer, is a fast and online testing instrument integrating computer technology and spectrophotometry technology.

2.It can be used for fast and online testing of the amylose quality of rice, corn, wheat and other cereals, as well as for testing and evaluating the quality of imported rice, and improving the testing level and efficiency of grain departments and food production departments, Control grain quality and cost.
The amylose content analyzer has high sensitivity and good stability;
Intuitive interface, simple operation and convenient use;
Control software based on Windows operating system;
High degree of automation, fast detection speed and good repeatability;
It can be used to improve the detection level and efficiency of food departments and food production departments, and control food quality and cost.
Detectable varieties Rice, corn, wheat and other crops.
Test parameters amylose content
Wavelength 650nm
Error 0.001
Operating system Windows
Measuring time About 1 minute
Temperature range 20-30 ℃
Power supply voltage 220 ± 1V
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