laboratory fiber analyzer
laboratory fiber analyzer

SLQ-200 Cruder Fiber Analyzer

Cruder Fiber Analyzer can automatically analysis crude fiber content in grain feed food etc
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Crude fiber tester :
1.SLQ-200 is based on the principle of acid and alkali washing method, integrating acid and alkali treatment and washing, and adopts totally enclosed electric heating, liquid addition, digestion, suction filtration and washing methods to determine the crude fiber content.

2.During operation, the sample does not need to be transferred, and the crude fiber in the material can be decomposed. The heating output power can be adjusted according to the actual temperature, so as to achieve accurate and rapid purposes.

3.SLQ-200 is applicable to the content determination of crude fiber, lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose of grain, feed, food and other agricultural and sideline products.
The pressure injection type is adopted for liquid filling, which is fast and smooth, and solves the problem that the self flow type is not smooth;
Reagent preheating is automatically controlled by electric furnace, which can save power safely and prevent dry burning;
Real smooth suction filtration, high-performance anti-corrosion components;
Split design, reagent container placed on the table, convenient for liquid addition. For the structure previously placed on the upper end of the instrument, it solves the problem of small size and is more humanized;
High definition 4.3 inch touch screen control, manual and automatic integrated heating mode, flexible and flexible, arbitrary adjustment of heating power, and regular alarm;
Model SLQ-200
Test scope 0~100%;
Number of samples 1~6;
Sample weighing 0.5~3.0g;  
Test accuracy Repeatability ≤ 0.4%;  
Test time ≤90min;
★ Heating mode Semicircular silicon carbide heating, single temperature regulation;  
★ Sealing mode Upper and lower tetrafluoroethylene is used for isolation;  
★ Liquid filling method Pressure injection type;
★ Reagent heating mode Automatic constant temperature adjustable, over temperature protection;  
★ Corrosion resistance Acid and alkali resistant acetone, etc;  
★ Display mode HD 4.3 inch touch screen;  
★ Temperature control mode Manual and automatic integration, heating power can be adjusted at will;  
temperature range Room temperature~200 ℃;  
Power Supply 220V±10%,50~60HZ;  
Rated power 1600W (main engine), 1350W (anti dry boiling liquid heater);
Overall dimensions 560×460×660(mm); 
Weight 45kg; 
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