kjeldahl distillation apparatus
kjeldahl distiller
kjeldahl distillation apparatus
kjeldahl distiller

KDN Semi Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer to analysis crude protein content in grain food feed soil meat etc
0.1-200 mg N
Analysis range
Working mode
≥ 99%
Recovery rate
Product Details
Kjeldahl nitrogen determination
1. The principle is an automatic intelligent protein detection instrument, which is widely used to detect the total content of ammonia nitrogen and protein nitrogen in cereals, oils, foods, dairy products, beverages, feeds, soils, fertilizers, sediments and chemical products.

2.It is an important physical and chemical analyzer for product quality detection.
KDN series protein analyzer adopts microcomputer for process control.
Automatic distillation control, automatic water adding, automatic water level control and automatic water cut-off.
Various safety protections: digestive tube safety valve device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm.
The shell of the crude protein tester is made of special sprayed steel plate, and the working area is made of ABS anti-corrosion panel to prevent chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface, and it is acid and alkali resistant.
Water level detection, low water level alarm, instrument control system failure can automatically power off.
The instrument uses tap water, with wide adaptability and low requirements for experiments.
Protein tester can measure varieties: grain, feed, food, dairy products, beverage, soil, water, medicine, sediment and chemicals.
Technical parameters
Model KDN
Working mode Semi-automatic
Water inlet mode Tap water and distilled water, widely used
Sample volume 0.20g~2.00g solid, 2.00g~5.00g semi fixed, 10.00ml~25.00ml liquid
Determination range 0.1mgN~200mgN (mg nitrogen)
Recovery rate ≥ 99% (relative error, including digestion process)
Distillation speed 5~15min/sample (depending on sample volume)
Cooling water consumption 3L/min
Repetition rate Relative standard deviation <± 1%
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Power 1000W
Water supply Water temperature is less than 20 ℃
Overall dimension of tester 380mm × 320mm × 670mm

Model  KDN-04C KDN-08C KDN-20C
Difference Including 4 holes digestion furnace Including 8holes digestion furnace Including 20holes digestion furnace
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