Why need to use a soil compaction tester?

The importance of soil compaction measurement.
1. Soil compactness consists of soil resistance to shear, compression, and friction. It is a composite indicator of soil strength. There are two methods dynamic load and static load when a metal plunger or probe is pressed into the soil. The measured values of different methods are different, but they are related. The shape of the plunger includes a cone, flat head, ball, wedge, etc., which also have an impact on the measured value.

2. The measured value of the same method mainly depends on the soil texture, capacity, and moisture content. Among them, moisture content has the greatest impact. Soil compactness predicts soil carrying capacity, tillability, and resistance to root expansion. The degree of soil compaction can affect the penetration and growth of crop roots and is an important soil physical property indicator used to evaluate soil billability. Tight soil can prevent the infiltration of water, reduce the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, affect the growth of plant root systems, and lead to reduced crop yields.

Characteristics and applications of soil compaction tester.
1. The soil compactness tester is a portable measuring instrument used to measure the compactness of soil in the field. The application of this instrument can very well guide agricultural production.

2. The soil compactness measuring instrument provided by Aoda Instruments uses a special depth sensor, which can obtain soil compactness values in increments of 1cm. The instrument can measure soil compactness values within a depth of 45cm. Real-time data, peak data, measurement depth, etc. during the measurement process will be directly displayed on the large screen. You can observe the soil compaction at different depths, and you can also import it into a computer through a data cable for viewing and analysis.
 time. The use environment must meet the working conditions.

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