Some performance parameters to consider when selecting a chiller.

Some performance parameters to consider when selecting a chiller.

① Temperature range: Ensures required low temperature requirements can be met.
 Temperature control accuracy: Accurate temperature control is very important for some experiments or processes.
 Cooling Capacity: Evaluate the cooling effectiveness of the pump for varying heat loads.
 Flow rate: Select the appropriate flow rate according to the needs of the rotary evaporation equipment.
 Pressure: Make sure the pump can provide adequate pressure.
 Stability: Maintain stable working conditions and avoid fluctuations.
 Noise level: Less noisy pumps provide a more comfortable working environment.
 Energy consumption: Consider energy consumption costs and choose energy-saving pumps.
 Shockproof performance: Reduce the impact of vibration on equipment.
 Material: Material compatible with coolant and working environment.
 Protection level: adapt to different working environments.
 Reliability: Has good reliability and durability.
 Control mode: such as manual or automatic control to meet operating needs.
 Communication interface: facilitates connection and monitoring with other devices.
 Safety performance: Comply with relevant safety standards.
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