What materials can and can not be sterilized in an autoclave?

Autoclave steam sterilizer can not use any destructive materials or dangerous chemicals for its sterilization, otherwise it will lead to explosion, corrosion of the instrument cavity, internal piping and so on causing accidents. What items are suitable to be sterilized by autoclave?

1.High-temperature saturated water vapor can denature microbial proteins for a certain period of time, resulting in the death of microorganisms (including bacterial spores) to achieve the purpose of sterilizing moisture- and heat-resistant items. The sterilization method has strong ability and is the most effective and widely used sterilization method in heat sterilization.

2.High-pressure steam sterilization is suitable for high-pressure, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant medical equipment, appliances and articles sterilization.

Can and can not be autoclavable.
Autoclave sterilization compatible materials Autoclave incompatible materials
Stainless steel Non-stainless steel materials
Metal medical devices Acid, organic solvents
Hospital dressing cloth bags Chlorine, hypochlorite
Plastic pipette tips Explosive and flammable materials
Glassware Corrosive substances
Enamel material Radioactive substances
Latex gloves, viny Polystyrene (PS), polyurethane, low density (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Polypropylene (PP secondary containers) and polycarbonate (PC) plastic
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