What is a turbidimeter used for?

What is a turbidimeter used for?
Turbidimeter is a special instrument for measuring the turbidity of aqueous solutions.

The principle is that when light shines on the liquid surface, there is a certain correlation between the ratios of incident light intensity, transmitted light intensity and scattered light intensity and the turbidity of the water sample. By measuring the transmitted light intensity, scattered light intensity and The turbidity of water samples is measured by the ratio of incident light intensity or transmitted light intensity to scattered light intensity.

Light source.
The light sources of turbidimeter are divided into two categories: tungsten light source (white light) and LED light source (red light). Tungsten light source turbidity meters are more suitable for measuring low turbidity samples with less color interference (such as tap water, drinking water, etc.); LED light source turbidimeters are more suitable for measuring colored samples (such as wine, juice, etc.) and high turbidity samples degree sample.

1.Brand new operating experience
.Using high-definition LCD with clear display and friendly operation interface
.Adopts scattering and scattering-transmitted light measurement principles to receive scattered light signals from multiple directions with high sensitivity.
·Has functions such as power-on self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown, power-off protection and factory reset. Multiple units available: NTU, FTU, EBC

2.Intelligent detection
.Automatic switching range, automatic zero adjustment
.With ratio calibration and color compensation functions
.Customized calibration curve, optional built-in calibration curve or custom curve for calibration. Supports single-point and multi-point calibration, and supports users to edit calibration curves. Conventional (standard) measurement and average measurement modes are optional

3.Complete data management functions
.Support data storage (2000 sets/1000 sets), review, deletion, and transmission. Comply with GLP and realize data traceability and statistical analysis.
.Supports connecting to a standard RS-232 serial port printer to print measurement results. The printing format is optional. ·It has a USB interface and can be connected to a PC through dedicated communication software to realize data transmission.

4.Configuration upgrade, easy to use
Standard turbidity measuring bottle, simple operation guide, software card and other accessories come standard with long-lasting and stable formazine turbidity standard solution
FFE is easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly
Ready to test, fast and accurate, good stability
Improve efficiency and reduce costs
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