What is a bioreactor fermenter?

Knowledge to bioreactor fermenter.

Bioreactors are mainly production laboratory equipment used for cell culture, pharmaceutical production, plant and animal tissue culture, microbial fermentation production, preparation of biological products, wastewater treatment, and other experiments and production to provide a reaction environment, and are sometimes referred to as fermenters or reactors.

What is bioreactor fermenter used for?
Bioreactor fermenter is a device for obtaining various target products and drugs through biochemical reactions or the organism's own metabolism, etc. The main role is to provide an optimized physical and chemical environment for the organism's metabolism, so that the organism can grow faster and better in order to obtain more target substances.

What is classifications for bioreactor fermenter?

Bioreactors have a wide range of applications and are mostly used in bioengineering. Common bioreactors include cell culture bioreactors, microbial reactors, animal bioreactors, plant bioreactors, enzyme bioreactors, membrane bioreactors and so on.

How does bioreactor fermenter work?

By providing a controlled environment, a bioreactor allows living organisms to grow, reproduce, and perform metabolic processes. This controlled environment is achieved through the regulation of various factors, including temperature, pH, oxygen concentration, and nutrient supply.

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