What are the tips for choosing the right glass reactor?

Glass reactor is an important role in distillation.
Glass reactor is one of the important instruments in the laboratory apparatus, we carry out tests in the laboratory in many places will use the glass reactor, making more and more newcomers to recognize it, understand it. It has single-layer glass reactor, double-layer glass reactor, three-layer glass reactor and so on.

How to choose a suitable glass reactor for their own process condition? 
Before choosing, first of all, the use of glass reactor conditions and their own process to do a simple comb. For example, the glass reactor can only do atmospheric pressure or negative pressure experiments, in the choice of glass reactor before the first clear conditions of their own process, the physical properties of the glass itself determines the use of the process, can not withstand the larger pressure, so before using us to make clear that their process is not in the high-pressure conditions to do.
1, Choose the right size of the kettle, the volume of the kettle required = the total amount of material * 1.33. You can calculate the size of the kettle we need according to this formula.

2, To determine the need for filtration kettle or ordinary kettle, if the reaction is completed after the precipitation of crystals, this part of the product has to be extracted, it is recommended to use the filtration kettle

3, To determine the viscosity of the material, before selecting the kettle must do a general understanding of the viscosity of their own materials, to facilitate our selection of the appropriate stirring paddle and motor.

4, To determine the physical properties of our materials need homogenization emulsification, ultrasonic dispersion, etc., if you need this part of the function, we should complete the kettle body customization before purchasing, because most of the kettle in the purchase of the city can not be large changes in its process conditions.

5, Condensing device, the standard kettle condenser below the reflux device, whether to confirm the need for direct reflux to the kettle or the need to add a collection device, 1-5 liters of glass reactor has a water distributor can be optional.

6, To determine whether the need for PH testing.

7, To determine whether to add the tetrafluoro spray device, mainly used to clean the kettle.

8, To determine whether the need to lift the rotating frame, glass reactor kettle body can be lifted and rotated, convenient pouring, cleaning.

9, Understand the laws and regulations of the laboratory, to determine whether to build an explosion-proof laboratory, if you need to build an explosion-proof laboratory, you should choose an explosion-proof motor before purchase.

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