What are the common experimental instruments in animal laboratories?

What are the common experimental instruments in animal laboratories?
NO. Product name Application area
1 Microplate reader A special instrument for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
2 Constant temperature shaker incubator Liquid shaking, microorganism, bacteria and cell culture.
3 Stainless steel water distiller Producing pure water
4 Low-temperature refrigerator Low-temperature preservation of vaccines, strains, biological samples, etc.
5 Pipette A device for quantitatively transferring liquids
6 Micro shaker Mix the liquid in the petri dish
7 Vortex mixer Mixing liquid, liquid-solid, solid-solid (powder)
8 PH meter Detect the pH of the solution
9 Ultra-clean workbench Cleanliness of local work area
10 Electronic balance Sample weighing
11 Autoclave Sterilization of glassware
12 Ultrasonic cleaner Cleaning of glassware and equipment
13 Desktop low-speed centrifuge Separates liquids and solid particles or mixtures of liquids and liquids
14 Ultrapure water machine Prepare pure water/ultrapure water
15 UV-visible spectrophotometer Quantitative or qualitative analysis of substances
16 Atomic absorption spectrophotometer Mainly used for trace element and trace analysis measurement and analysis
17 Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer Trace analysis and measurement of eleven elements such as arsenic, mercury, selenium,
tin, lead, bismuth, antimony, tellurium, germanium, cadmium, and zinc in the sample.
18 Ion chromatograph Analyze and measure cations and anions in the sample
19 Gas chromatograph Configure according to different measured items
20 Constant temperature and humidity incubator Bacterial and cell culture
21 Electric blast drying oven Remove residual moisture in specimens, dry heat sterilization of glassware for microorganisms,
and preheat before heating experiments
22 Electric heating plate Sample heating
23 Microscope Magnify objects

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