What are commonly used instruments and equipment in a biology laboratory?

Commonly used instruments and equipment in a Biology laboratory.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine is the bridge between clinical medicine and basic medicine, including clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, clinical immunology, hematology, body fluids and blood transfusion. It is responsible for the testing of various human and animal specimens in the wards, outpatients, medical checkups and scientific research on a daily basis.

1.Electronic balance: Weighing instrument

2.Microscope:Magnifying samples

3.Autoclave sterilizer: Before and after the laboratory sterilization instruments. Most of the experimental tools used in molecular biology should be strictly sterilized. Including experimental items, reagents, culture media, etc. .

4.Centrifuge: Separating liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixtures

5.Ultra-pure water machine: Preparation of pure water/ultra-pure water. Used for PCR, DNA sequencing, enzyme reactions need ultrapure water.

6.Water bath: Used for drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents and biological products, can also be used for water bath thermostat heating and other temperature tests.

7.Biochemical incubator: Culture and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms.

8.Ultra-low temperature refrigerator: Low temperature preservation of vaccines, strains, biological samples, etc.
a. 4℃ is suitable for storing certain solutions, reagents, medicines, etc..

b. -20 ℃ is suitable for certain reagents, medicines, enzymes, serum, prepared antibiotics and DNA, protein samples, etc. .

c.-80℃ is suitable for certain long-term low-temperature preservation of samples, E. coli strains, purified samples, special low-temperature treatment of digestive solutions, the preservation of the receptor state and so on.

d.0-10 ℃ chromatography cooler for low-temperature conditions of electrophoresis, chromatography, dialysis and other experiments.

9.Pipettes: Quantitative transfer of liquid instruments

10.Bio-safety cabinet: Air purification in the experimental operation of negative pressure safety devices.

11.Carbon dioxide incubator: Mold, microbial culture, preservation

12.Drying oven: Baking, drying, heat treatment and thermal processing of goods

13.Enzyme labeling instrument: Special instrument for ELISA.

14.Electrophoresis instrument: For DNA sequencing. There are three main types of electrophoresis commonly used in the laboratory: for DNA sequencing. Horizontal electrophoresis is used for agarose electrophoresis of DNA/RNA; vertical electrophoresis is used for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins; and transfer electrophoresis is used for transferring proteins to membranes for western detection.

15.Ultra-clean bench:Local work area cleanliness.

16.PCR instrument: For the diagnosis of infectious diseases, gene duplication and paternity testing.

17.Nucleic acid extractor: Nucleic acid extraction reagents automatically complete the sample nucleic acid extraction.

18. Ultraviolet analyzer: Used for nucleic acid, protein electrophoresis gel, thin layer plate results of observation and analysis.

19. Ultrasonic cleaner: Cleaning laboratory equipment and glassware.

20. Colony counter: Automatic bacterial testing equipment.

21. Anaerobic Incubator; Anaerobic environment for bacterial culture device.

22. Homogenizer: Extraction of DNA/RNA/Protein from samples.

23.  Freeze dryer: Frozen water molecules directly sublimation of water vapor.

24. Liquid nitrogen tank: Long-term active preservation of vaccines, strains, cells.

25.  Spectrophotometer: Used to analyze the sample content and purity of nucleic acids and proteins; but also can determine the concentration of cultured bacteria.

26.  pH meter: Used to determine the acidity of the sample solution.

27. Shaker: Shaking incubator generally have room temperature type and low temperature type two kinds, used for biology, biochemistry, cells, strains of bacteria and other kinds of liquid, solid compounds of the oscillation culture.

27. Liquid measuring device: Liquid measuring device for precision measurement of various types of liquid. Commonly used liquid measuring instruments are measuring cylinders, pipettes, microfuge, graduated test tubes, beakers.

In addition to the commonly used molecular biology laboratory equipment, Aoda Instruments also has a gel imaging system, CO2 shaker, constant temperature incubator, bioreactor, fermentor and other cell biology equipment and protein immunology equipment. These equipments have precise temperature and speed control and can meet the needs of various laboratories. In addition, thousands of laboratory consumables and chemical reagents are available, such as commonly used culture flasks, pipette tips, cell culture flasks, conical shaker flasks and so on.
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