Weather station is needed for agricultural planting.

The important role of weather station for agricultural planting.
The main function of the wireless agricultural meteorological monitoring station is to monitor meteorological elements in planting in real-time, including soil temperature, soil moisture, wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature and humidity, illumination, solar ultraviolet rays, rainfall, air pressure, nitrogen dioxide, and other meteorological elements. By monitoring these meteorological elements, we can provide reference data support for agricultural planting. 

Application areas of weather station.
Weather station is widely used in many fields such as agriculture and forestry climate monitoring, ecological environment monitoring, highway and railway operations, and geological disaster monitoring. With the development of agricultural planting in recent years, the use of wireless agricultural weather stations in agricultural planting has become more and more common.

Working principle of weather station.
1. Monitored by multiple sensors, each sensor can monitor one or more types of data, and the sensors can be selected according to user needs. The sensor monitoring data is collected by the collector. The collection time can be set freely. The collected data can be transmitted to the computer platform or mobile phone through transmission. Through the computer platform, meteorological data can be understood in real-time and analyzed statistically. This way, crop planting can be arranged rationally and crop yields can be increased.

2. Through SIM transmission, users can log in from any computer with Internet access, and the data is stable and reliable. The power supply methods include mains power supply and solar power supply. Generally, the solar power supply method is used to convert solar energy into electrical energy and charge the electricity into the battery. It can send data continuously whether it is sunny or cloudy. It is especially suitable for long-term work in the field, even in harsh weather conditions. It can work stably under environmental conditions.

Structures for weather station.
1. The host displays the collected data in real-time, and the data collection time, storage and sending time interval, and IP address can be remotely set through the web page.

2. Modular design. The sensors can be configured arbitrarily through the host menu. A total of 16 types of sensors can be connected. Each sensor can be connected to 16 channels. More than 16 channels can be added through the menu settings.

3. The device supports wireless communication.

4. Data can be uploaded to your computer or to the main server, which can be switched without any impact.

5. With GPS function: Through GPS, you can know the specific geographical location of the equipment and data collection points to prevent theft and displacement.

6. With a camera, you can take pictures in real time and upload the photos to the platform.

The wireless agricultural meteorological monitoring station can monitor air temperature and humidity, light intensity, wind direction and speed, soil temperature and humidity, rainfall, and other meteorological elements. The data communicates with the server through a 2G/4G network and is sent to the server in real-time. Staff can use mobile phones or computers Remote viewing at any time without on-site operations greatly improves the efficiency of agricultural meteorological monitoring.

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