We must pay attention when using an autoclave

Autoclave sterilizer in the daily use of many places need to pay attention to, so as to better ensure personnel safety and normal operation of the equipment.

1. The inner bucket out, and then add the appropriate amount of water to the outer pot, when the water surface and the triangular shelf level on it, I do not know whether you have noticed this when filling the water. One thing to note is that neither the triangular flask nor the spout end of the test tube should be in contact with the wall of the bucket, this is because, we don't want the condensation to drench the paper of the mouth of the packet and penetrate the cotton plug.

2. Another point is that to add the lid, which is a common operation in the operation of our vaporizers, but in the course of which we often still make mistakes, we must insert the exhaust hose from the lid into the exhaust groove of the inner pail. Then tighten the two opposite bolts simultaneously in a two-by-two symmetrical manner, making sure not to make them leak.

3. After the required time is completed, be sure to cut off the power supply or turn off the gas and let the temperature inside the steamer drop naturally. At this time, when the pressure of the pressure gauge drops to 0, then open the exhaust valve, loosen the bolts, open the lid, and carefully remove the items. Of course, if you find that the pressure gauge has not dropped to 0, we must not open the exhaust valve, because as soon as the exhaust valve is opened, it will be due to a sudden drop in the pressure inside the pot, so that the medium in the container due to the imbalance between internal and external pressure and rushed out of the mouth of the flask, which will result in cotton plugs stained with the medium to occur contamination, and then our operation will also end in failure.

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