What is the unit/instrument to measure the transpiration rate in plants?

Soil transpiration rate
1. Soil respiration refers to the process of releasing carbon dioxide from soil. Strictly speaking, it refers to all metabolic processes that produce carbon dioxide in undisturbed soil, including three biological processes and one non-biological process, which is the chemical oxidation of carbon-containing minerals. Soil respiration is an important biological indicator that characterizes soil quality and fertility. It reflects the intensity of soil biological activity and soil material metabolism.

2. During the process of ecological succession, changes in vegetation affect the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil by absorbing nutrients and returning organic matter. Soil respiration also changes accordingly, indicating the process and direction of ecosystem succession. In addition, from a microclimate perspective, the CO2 released from the soil changes the microclimate conditions near the ground, providing a richer carbon source for the lower canopy of plants.

Application of.
The soil respiration meter can simultaneously display the CO₂ concentration, temperature and humidity changes inside the respiration chamber, and the intensity of external photosynthetically active radiation. The instrument is widely used in agricultural ecological research, carbon source and carbon sink research, global climate change, land use change, and ecological restoration. Research, soil microbial activity assessment, plant ecological research, insect respiration, root respiration and other fields. The soil respiration meter can estimate the response of root systems and soil microorganisms to climate change by monitoring soil respiration and related parameters.

Multiple parameterstested: Test air temperature, leaf temperature, air humidity, PAR etc at same time, and count the transpiration rate and Stomatal conductance accordingly.
Intelligent: Menu display and Cursor operation; test process and results displayed in real-time, with small size, light, portable and one-person operation.
Cost-efficiency: very competitiveprice and convenient maintenance.

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