Performance characteristics and development trend of ultra-low temperature refrigerator

Application to ultra-low temperature freezer.
Ultra-low temperature refrigerator is also known as ultra-low temperature freezer, ultra-low temperature preservation box. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator can be used to preserve viruses, bacterial samples, vaccines, biological tissues and organs, special foods, medicines, preparations, materials and so on. It is suitable for scientific research field, biomedical treatment, electronics, chemical industry, machining industry, and ocean fishing industry.

Characteristics and development for ultra-low temperature freezer.
At present, the domestic ultra-low temperature refrigerator market preservation technology is gradually mature, ultra-low temperature refrigerator generally have more comprehensive equipment operation and alarm functions. For example, high and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm (support 72 hours), abnormal voltage alarm, sensor shortcomings alarm, low battery power alarm, condenser dirty blocking alarm, ring temperature alarm, open the door alarm, filter blocking alarm system, sample safety alarm system, screen protection alarm system, carbon dioxide back-up system and temperature recorder.

Ultra-low temperature refrigerator function should be from the refrigerator temperature range, volume size, shape characteristics (horizontal or vertical), compressor noise level, refrigerator vibration-damping materials and temperature uniformity within the box, especially the compressor and the type of options, etc. Consider their own use of the requirements and their own storage space arrangements and other circumstances.

In the future, Aoda is mainly concerned about the reliability of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator and whether it can meet the storage conditions of different items. Aoda ultra-low temperature refrigerator design must also consider energy saving and environmental maintenance requirements, to be equipped with environmental detection system. At the same time, nanomaterials will also become the future of ultra-low-temperature refrigerators in the preparation of very promising materials.

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