Types of the freezer according to refrigeration principle


Types of freezer.

Compression freezer This kind of refrigerator by the motor to provide mechanical energy, through the compressor on the refrigeration system work. Refrigeration system using low boiling point refrigerant, evaporation, absorption of the principle of vaporization heat made. The advantage is a long life, easy to use, currently on the 91 ~ 95% of the refrigerator belongs to this category.
Absorption freezer This kind of refrigerator can use the heat source (such as gas, kerosene, electricity, etc.) as power. The use of "ammonia - water - hydrogen" mixed solution in the continuous "absorption - diffusion" process to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The disadvantage is low efficiency, slow cooling, has been gradually eliminated.
Semiconductor freezer It is the use of PN-type semiconductor, DC current, in the junction of the principle of the Peltier effect to achieve refrigeration refrigerator.
Chemical freezer It is the use of certain chemical substances dissolved in water when the strong absorption of heat and get the cooling effect of the refrigerator.
Electromagnetic vibration freezer It is the use of electromagnetic vibration machine for this power to drive the compressor refrigerator. Its principle, structure and compression type refrigerator is basically the same.
Solar energy freezer It is the use of solar energy as a refrigeration energy refrigerator.
Adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration freezer
Through the demagnetization and magnetization to achieve the purpose of heat absorption and heat dissipation.
Radiation refrigeration freezer This material helps to promote the process of radiation refrigeration, the surface of the material will be in the right balance to absorb, emit and reflect heat.
Solid refrigeration freezer The Chinese Academy of Sciences has been working on a plasticized crystal material, neopentyl glycol, which can be used as a new solid refrigerant for refrigerators. Plastic crystal can be used as a refrigerant advantage is that when the plastic crystal in the influence of external forces, it will change the internal molecular arrangement, then it will not only change the shape, but also produce a large energy change, thereby changing the temperature. Traditional refrigerators use a compressor to control the pressure, so that the liquid refrigerant changes shape and temperature, to regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator mechanism, plastic crystals is to replace the traditional liquid refrigerant, play a role in regulating the temperature.
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