Types of bioreactor fermenters with different materials

What is A bioreactor fermenter?
A bioreactor is any manufacturing or engineering device that provides a biologically active environment to carry out biochemical reactions in vitro using enzymes or biological functions possessed by organisms, which is a biologically functional simulator, such as a fermenter, an immobilized enzyme or an immobilized cell reactor.
Whether large-scale industrialization and commercialization of animal cell culture technology can be achieved depends on whether a suitable bioreactor can be designed. Since animal cells are very different from microbial cells, traditional microbial reactors are obviously not suitable for large-scale culture of animal cells. First of all, it must be able to provide sufficient oxygen for cell growth and product synthesis under low shear and good mixing conditions.

What types of bioreactor fermenter are commonly used in laboratories? 
According to the reactor material can be divided into glass tank bioreactor, stainless steel bioreactor and disposable bioreactor.

(1) Glass tank bioreactor fermenter
At present, most of the reactors used for process development and research at home and abroad are mainly based on glass tanks. Glass tank bioreactors are characterized by flexible configuration, powerful functions, simple operation and easy upgrading and expansion, etc. It is the best choice to carry out the research and development projects of animal cell culture and microbial fermentation, and it can be used for the cultivation of animal cells, E.coli, yeast, fungi, insect cells and plant cells.

(2) Stainless steel bioreactor fermenter
To date, the production of FDA-approved antibody drugs has largely been accomplished in stainless steel reactors. Due to the low antibody production in the early days, the production scale is mostly around 10,000L. Stainless steel reactors usually involve CIP modules, SIP modules, storage modules, etc., so the piping connection is very complicated and requires high requirements for operators.

(3) Disposable bioreactor fermenter
Disposable bioreactors or disposable bioreactors are bioreactors that use disposable bags, which are highly similar to traditional stainless steel reactors, and also reduce production costs.

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