The necessity to measure tablet hardness.

Tablet hardness.
The hardness of a tablet generally refers to its compressive strength, that is, the radial crushing force of the tablet. Hardness is not a simple physical concept, but a comprehensive index of mechanical properties such as material elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness.

The necessity for tablet hardness measurement.
1.In the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, tablets account for more than 40% of all preparations. Tablets must have appropriate hardness to facilitate complete molding, meet the requirements for tablet appearance, and not be easily brittle. The hardness of tablets involves the appearance quality and internal quality of the tablets. If the tablet hardness is too small, it will cause loose flakes and other phenomena, seriously affecting the subsequent coating, packaging and transportation processes; if the tablet hardness is too large, the drugs and excipients will be tightly bound together. Sticking together makes the tablet difficult to disintegrate and the drug ingredients cannot be effectively dissolved, which ultimately affects the efficacy.

2.On the premise of not affecting the disintegration, dissolution and release of the tablets, we should try to press the tablets as hard as possible. Tablets should have sufficient hardness to facilitate the production process, marketing, transportation and storage to avoid breakage or wear during packaging and transportation to ensure accurate dosage.

Aoda Tablet Hardness Tester.
Aoda Instruments' tablet hardness tester is a special testing instrument for testing the hardness quality of tablet drugs. This instrument is suitable for hardness testing of tablet drugs. It is an essential instrument for laboratories in pharmaceutical factories, medical teaching and research, scientific research and drug testing departments.
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