Tablet press operating procedures and precautions.

The operation process of tablet press should follow the steps:
① Preparation work: Check whether the equipment is normal and clean the equipment surface and mold.

② Install the mold:
Choose the appropriate mold and install it correctly.

③ Debugging equipment:
Adjust parameters such as pressure and speed according to the requirements of the drug.

④ Add materials:
Add an appropriate amount of drug powder to the feeding device.

⑤ Start the equipment:
Start the tablet press according to the equipment operating procedures.

⑥ Monitor operation:
observe the tableting process to ensure normal operation.

⑦ Quality Check:
Regularly check the quality of the pressed tablets.

⑧ Collect tablets:
Collect the compressed tablets.

⑨ Clean equipment
: After production, clean the inside and outside of equipment.

During operation, we need to pay attention to the following points:
 Strictly follow the operating procedures.

 Pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.

 Perform regular maintenance and upkeep on equipment.

 Make sure operators are professionally trained.

 Strict quality control is carried out on compressed tablets.

Aoda Instruments tablet presses provide reliable support for your pharmaceutical production with their excellent performance and exquisite craftsmanship.
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