Soil water potential meter-soil water movement/irrigation water potential research and measurement instrument.

Soil water potential meter plays an important role in agricultural production and hydrological research.
1.Soil moisture is an important indicator for studying soil moisture movement and crop drought characterization, and is an important parameter for farmland irrigation management, regional hydrological conditions research, and watershed water balance calculations. 

2.In addition to soil moisture content, soil water potential can more intuitively reflect the hydrodynamic characteristics of the soil and the water supply capacity of the soil to plants, so it is also widely used in hydrological research and agricultural production. How to measure soil water potential quickly and accurately is of great significance for studying the soil water movement process and accurately judging farmland moisture. 

3.The soil water potential meter provided by Aoda Instruments adopts a handheld design, is small and portable, can measure two parameters of soil water potential and temperature at the same time, and can be widely used in farmland water conservancy projects.

Application of soil water potential meter.
Soil water potential is a fundamental soil water state variable related to plant water uptake and can be easily measured by sensors. Integrating smart devices such as Aoda Instruments' wireless irrigation controllers and soil water potential meters into the irrigation system can automate irrigation management by adjusting the irrigation supply based on effective soil moisture conditions.

Functional characteristics of soil water potential meter.
1. The soil water potential meter has high precision and high resolution and can measure soil water potential and temperature at the same time.

2. It is simple to operate, easy to carry, and flexible to use. You can purchase only one set of instruments and multiple probes.

3. It has the function of automatically capturing the peak value of soil water potential.

4. It has a time setting function, full-scale setting function, and automatic saving function.

5. It can simultaneously record temperature, water potential, time, and storage serial number with a backlight function.

6. Automatic shutdown function. If the monitor buttons are not operated, the monitor will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

Technical parameters of soil water potential meter.
Max load 100kpa
Resolution 0.01kpa
Accuracy ±0.25KPa, ±0.5%F.S
Soil Temperature testing range --55°C~150°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5
Probe quantities 3

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