What is working principle to short path molecular distillation?

What is short path molecular distillation?
Molecular distillation is a distillation method operated under a high vacuum when the average free range of vapor molecules is greater than the distance between the evaporating surface and the condensing surface so that the difference in the evaporation rate of each component in the liquid can be utilized to separate the liquid mixture.

Working principle to molecular distillation.
1.Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, it is different from traditional distillation and relies on the boiling point difference separation principle, but by the difference in the average free range of molecular movement of different substances to achieve separation.

2.When the liquid mixture along the heating plate flow and be heated, light and heavy molecules will escape from the liquid surface and enter the gas phase, because the light and heavy molecules of the free range is different, therefore, the molecules of different substances from the liquid surface after the molecules escaped from the movement of the distance is different, if you can appropriately set up a condensate plate, light molecules to reach the plate is condensed and discharged, and heavy molecules do not reach the plate along the mixture of condensate discharged. In this way, to achieve the purpose of material separation.

3.The pressure difference between the boiling film and the condensing surface is the driving force for the flow of steam, and small pressure drops can cause steam to flow. Operation at 1 bar requires a very short distance between the boiling and condensing surfaces, and distillers based on this principle are called short path distillation.

4.Short path distillation are a process of thermal separation technology working at a pressure of 1~0.001mbar, which has a low boiling temperature and is very suitable for heat-sensitive, high-boiling-point substances. Its basic components: a cylindrical cylinder with a heating jacket, a rotor, and a built-in condenser; a film scraper and an anti-splash device are fitted to the fixed frame of the rotor. The built-in condenser is located in the center of the evaporator and the rotor rotates between the cylindrical cylinder and the condenser.

5.The short path distillation consists of an externally heated vertical cylinder, a condenser located in its center and a film scraper rotating between the distiller and the condenser.

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